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That was rather vulgar and disgusting. Am I the only one who didn't find it funny?


Eenope, can't say that I really appreciate off-color humour either. Back when I was younger I'd have a good laugh at dirty innuendos, but the novelty of such jokes wore off pretty quickly for me, and was replaced with a comical value comparable to a low form of wit. Still and all, I suppose humor, like all forms of amusement, is entirely subjective.

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Greatest freakout ever!




My reaction if FiM gets canceled and dash's reaction to cupcakes.


Sorry, embed is screwed up.


Oh, I remember this! They people who made this whole series of videos about this guy having serious emotional problems accidentally screwed it up. It was supposed to be real, but they inadvertently debunked themselves. They erroneously posted two noticeably different takes of him freaking out over getting a pick-up truck he didn't want for his birthday at the same time. They had all the same lines and everything. I guess they weren't satisfied with the first attempt. The alternate take was only up for a short while, but people downloaded it and posted it on their Youtube accounts. Here's the proof!



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