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Navyfield anyone?


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Hey everypony! Although I know the chances are on par with me finding 1000 dollars tomorrow, I would like to ask: Does anyone here play Navyfield? If not, Would you like to play Navyfield?


If you ask me, it's an amazing game with accurate ships and weapons (compared to most modern games) to the WW II era. One could play as a submarine, battleship, carrier or one of the random little support ships. It is a challenging game that is extremely challenging. It requires skill and teamwork or absolute blind luck to win these games, mostly teamwork. The graphics are dated, but the gameplay is still fun (IMO) and it is definately not for everyone.


One must work his/her way up to their ship tree of choice from the humble frigate, which will more likely than not get sunk in the first minute of a five minute Blitzkrieg game or the first three minutes of a ten minute Great Battle. Either way, you will start out tiny and work to the big shiny ships of your choice. It can take 1.5-2 years to grind one's crew to the max level, though most will never make it 3/4 the way there before making an alternate crew to try out a different ship line or nation.


Anyways, long story short - I'm looking for some buds to screw around the high seas with me, and hopefully get enough ponies to make a squadron of bronies only and join one of the larger fleets.


Check out the game at http://www.navyfield.com/


(I wouldn't be surprised if no one actually joins me though... :blush: )

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XD - At least I got one interested. I could give you a huge advantage over other new players and hopefully help power level you with my air cover or with one of my battleships providing long range covering fire. If you happen to want to go after a Carrier (CV) crew, and specifically Japanese, I could supply a level 40 pilot group - bombers/fighters. All you would have to do is get a Bridge Operator and two Armament/Gunner crewmen. It would still be a chore to kick yourself up to level 46 or so required for the first level carrier.


Otherwise, I have no crewmen to give up as I'm using them all.

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*Bronydom: Introducing me to amazing things that I would have originally never heard of/shrugged off since august 2011*


Sorry man, but I've never heard of this game. But by what you say it looks like alot of fun, I'll try it out this weekend (My parents heavily discourage games on weekdays -.-).


Edit: Just looked at a gameplay video... O.O Wow, that looks complicated...


I like it!


Time to begin research so I don't completely suck when I try it!

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For those who may play this - It is critical that the server you join is US Server 2 - Kaiser. That's where I have all my crews.


Double OH!


If (I'm lucky) you're interested in the game and are willing to try it out, it would be nice if you gave me your email. I can invite you to the game via my account's email and both of us receive bonus crap and stuff that requires real life money - a nice little bonus I'd almost kill for.

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Hello everypony, I do play NavyField myself!

I've been playing the Game for 5 years now.


Here's a list of what i got


United States BB6 )Nebraska(

United Kingdom BB6 )Queen Victoria(

German CV5 )PCV.Hindenburg( Note: My Pilots are Level 111-120 Fighters!

Japan CL )KitaKami( 

French CV4 )But with a CV5 Crew(


IGN:    DevilFreak


add me!

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