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I don't do any of it, but I absolutely love watching jumpers on YouTube. You should definitely post a video of you. Just don't use a sucky song. xD

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Jumpstyle used to be in fashion in Greece about 2 years ago. I remember watching Patrick Jumpen's tutorials. I used to dance jumpstyle every day. Then, like all fashions, jumpstyle got old, I stopped dancing and I forgot about it until now. Maybe I should start again. :D


I also tried shuffling but I can't move my legs smooth enough for my liking. :(

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I love both of them. Messed around with Jumpstyle for a little while and never really got around to learning how to shuffle. I really wanna learn once I get the time and energy and get better at Jumpstyle at the same time. Only problem is very few around here do it or even know about it, so I would stand our like a sore thumb. Even in my own house :P

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