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Video My first PMV!

Princes  Cadance

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not bad, but i think the scenes just, well... could have better fitted the music itself. Then again, it's hard to fit pony footage to that kind of music in the first place.


As for a better video program, i wholeheartedly recommend Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11. Can be had for $50, and has awesome control over placement of clips and music, and actual 720p and 1080p rendering. I used it to make my PMVs, and they look awesome.


Hell, Sony Vegas beats Final Cut in some areas, like preview playback for instance.

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well, i did make pmvs using songs that's kinda out there, but then again, the songs i chose had at least some way to fit MLP in it somehow within a reasonable sense. But, that song you chose, i would have a HELL of a time trying to think of how best to match any footage to that. Basically, not all songs are good candidates.



BTW why doesn't Window Movie Maker go fullscreen on your PMV?

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