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Gray Exploration


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Is this a dream or is it real? But it won't matter even if I told you how I feel.


Uncertain dust mites of gray

Cloud up my mind and heart.

The absence, the void,

What kind of peace is that?


I'm still your friend. I wanna be at your side, all the time. But, what kind of friend are you?


You've upset me, not angered me.

But you've done so much more to another.

Like me, we loved you like a friend.

But your egotistical dream.

Is it or is it not real?


Crying wolf is enough. Your dream will never happen and we all got hurt working for it.


Your lies were more believable.

You took advantage of them.

I feel impatient real fast.

Because if you don't shape up,

Our friendship may not last.


A burst of intense emotions flood my way, though, it seems like I really have no way. Until now.


Are we still entangled in lies?

Is the despair I felt before uneeded?

I feel upset, I feel confused.

If it's not his fault.

And what you said is a lie.


Then, why did I have to put myself in this situation? Why, why, why?


I love him like a friend and some more,

But you've really perplexed me.

Is he an aggressor or not?

Why do you try to lie?

It won't help anything.


And now, I know nothing. Everything before was denied and disproven.

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