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hi there

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Hi there... just call me koochi. Ehm what 2 tell about myself... I'm an applied university student studying applied psychology... I'm a bit 'pinkie pie' if you get what I mean :P

I love the show and often listen 2 all the songs on my phone and other then that pony related... can't think of anything now :P

gonna update my profile in due time so that you can find something you'll probs like...

Well nice 2 meet you all :D

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Welcome :). Perhaps...if your studying psychology, you can do a little report on each ponies psychlogical status/how they process things. I'd love to see pinkie's "When it comes to Pinkie Pie, her logic is quite simple, as I have demonstrated by this equation: Party=:), No party=:(. In addition, p=party and g=number of guests in the equation: :)=p(g)" Anywho, welcome.

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Well anyways other then that... I welcome you myself! Hope you enjoy the place. And good luck with your studys! I look forward to seeing you on the forums sometime!

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yay! WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! i hope you have a great time here! your doing psychology?! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!! :D i hope to try out psychology someday too! :) apart from that, enjoy yourself and dont be afraid to talk to others :)
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Ah, koochi, you're here~! *hug* So, anyway, welcome to the boards :) Get to know the place, post some more to shed your Blank Flank status and just have fun ^^


PS It's both weird and nice at the same time to see you not typing in your "language" :P

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thank you all ;D yea I'm going 2 have a good time here like most of le pony cast does... except for cranky doodle donkey :( even tho he's already happy since he found his donkey soulmate ;P

I don't study psychology, but applied psychology... it's a lil different... with psychology you explore more of the human brain and mind and in applied psychology you really only apply it in an workfield. Let's say in an organization... you get to know why some ppl for instance like making smalltalk near a watercooler or why new ppl aren't comfortable in the beginning. I'm hoping to do psychology at a university tho so that I can have ppl come lie down on a couch and tell me their problems and pay me ;P

pinkie much more complexed then meets the eye tho, but ure equation is nicely along those lines :P (only first year and didn't have math yet... which I don't like :P so not good at making them yet :P)

yea Ly... it's hard not 2 write in that way :P but first gotta make myself familiar... but I like being a blank flank :(

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