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*Looks at tags* Hm... It depends what you mean. There's pony creators out there. I'm sure you can find some just by typing in "pony creator" in Google. Not sure if that's what you want. You could always also go ask artists who take requests to make you one. You'll just have to give them an idea of what you somewhat want.

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If you want to make one pretty quick, just use General Zoi's computer program (in DJ-DASH3's post). The OCs from that are pretty show accurate in terms of artistic style. If you're talking about an artist to make them, well then "best" is personal preference. I suppose the "best" would be to get Lauren Faust to draw your OC, but that's not going to happen. In the Commissions subforum there are some people who will draw your OC for money (usually $5-15). You can probably also find some people on this forum who will draw for free (I must recommend @[member='Rainbow Dashey'] for the work he did for me recently). Edited by Starswirl the Trixied

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