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In a Medieval Crossover what weapons would the Mane Six wield?


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Here's how it would go for me (Assuming they are in human form):


Twilight Sparkle: Book and Magic Spells


Applejack: Martial Arts (Mainly leg martial arts)


Pinkie Pie: Battleaxe


Rarity: Bow and Arrow


Rainbow Dash: Dual Swords


Fluttershy: Healing Staff

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Ive seen alot of random yet cool questions asked on this website, but this is definetly the coolest :lol:


Er lets see...


Twilight - Staff/stave

AppleJack - Sword, mixed with martial arts

PinkiePie - Medieval Flail

Fluttershy - Bow and arrow (think cupid, not robin hood)

RainbowDash - Dual swords, definetly.

Rarity - Spear (In an attempt to keep the blood away from her mane)

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Twilight- Book of spells (defiantly)

Rarity- Daggers (She doesn't strike me as the person who would get into a fight and would use them in case of emergency. Also they can be elegant and dainty)

AppleJack- Bow and Arrow (I think she would be sneaky and attack from a far silently)

PinkiePie- Battle Ax

RainbowDash- Dual swords (I really can't see anything else)

Fluttershy- Staff (they can be dainty not really bulky so I could see her with one)

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:wacko: : magic books and wizard staff/wand

:D : diamond tip arrows

:huh: : lasso/rope

:) : cake catapult!

:blush: : animal stampede (like a huge swarm of animals to fight with her)

:wub: : dual swords (can't thinkg of anything else either)

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When you guys say "Dual swords" for Rainbow Dash, what kind of swords are you talking about?


I was thinking quick blades (Swords barely long and slender enough to be called a sword)

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Twilight: Magic Staff (Mage obviously : P )

Applejack: Flail (well it's like a lasso)

Fluttershy:Not very often used Dagger (she is the pacifist healer)

Rainbow Dash: Two Kopis swords (Pegasus=Spartan, fact)

Rarity: Bow and Arrow (gem-tipped my son)

Pinkie Pie: A massive Axe (well everyone know's she's a phycopath xD)

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I find this a difficult question because it basically means that each pony has to be assigned a kind of role during a battle.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash fit the more attacking role. Fluttershy I would see more of a medic of sorts rather then an actual fighting type.


Twilight Sparkle would either be the commander leading the armies because she would've studied battles and therefor be perfect as the one to lead the troops. Pinkie Pie and Rarity are too difficult for me to figure out. So I'll leave those undecided for now.

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Celestia should have a guillotine in her palace.


I know she's too loving for it, but the medieval times weren't forgiving.


Edit: Oh, darn. This is for Mane Six only? I have no idea for those guys. x_x''

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Twilight- Warrior Mage. If she carried any weapon at all it would be a Wizard's Staff.


Rarity- A flurry of daggers. We've all seen her whirl objects around her head in her workshop. This is one filly who can use TK to a devastating effect. Think 30-40 whirling blades and you have Raritie's attack.


AppleJack- Martial arts/Hooves of STEEL. in addition, a whip with a dagger at the tip.


PinkiePie- No weapon. She simply alters reality. She's the scary one.


RainbowDash- missile weapons fired from a height. Also a pair or retractable scimitars attached to her hooves/leg armor for a rapid fly-by slashing attack.


Fluttershy- Always accompanied by some sort of battle-beast. She would be the healer of the group, and thus kept out of combat.

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Twilight - Either staffs, staves, or book


Applejack - Warhammer, mace, or axe


Pinkie Pie - Anything, and I mean anything, including party cannon.


Rarity - Spear, bows, daggers for close combat.


Fluttershy - Staff, animal allies, or traps


Rainbow Dash - Dual short swords, scimitar with a buckler, throwing daggers, and maybe a chain blade.



Like this

Posted Image


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Twilight: Staffs and offensive magic (Archane Power)


Applejack: Broadsword (Power and Strength)


Rarity: I'm not sure. I think Bow and Arrows, but I'm not sure. (Elegance and Accuracy)


Pinkie Pie: I think Martial Arts. She would be constlantly bouncing around and dodging her opponents. (Evasion)


Fluttershy: Staffs and healing and defensive magic. (Healing)


Rainbow Dash: Swords, probably duel swords. (Speed)

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Twilight - Magic tome.

AppleJack - A spiked lasso perhaps, would that even work?

PinkiePie - A very large hammer, which she would swing wildly.

Fluttershy - Animal companions do the attacking for her.

RainbowDash - Dual swords.

Rarity - Double Assasin's Creed Wrist Knives (I see here as an assassin, not sure why)

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Twilight - Magic Staff

Applejack - Sword and Shield or Zweihander/Longsword or Battleaxe

Pinkie Pie - Unarmed Martial arts and daggers... and everything, basically Pink Ninja

Fluttershy - Bow and arrow, animal allies and healing

Rainbow - Dual Swords

Rarity - throwing knives? bow and arrow? bombs and poisons? I dunno, Rarity seems to be more of the Diplomat, able to talk her way out instead of fighting.

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