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Fan Fiction A new friend

Luriel Maelstrom

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((Hello everypony I decided to write a fanfic, please don't tell me if it is bad and my grammar can be bad I know it might be a bad fanfiction and all of that this is my first fanfiction I read so many interesting fanfictions I wanted to make my own and it is about myself. This fanfiction I put together at night because I could not sleep it has been passed 26 hours and I decided to put this fanfiction. :) ))



A new friend


It was another sunny day when one of the greatest pegasus cleared the clouds. Her rainbow coloured tail and mane were shinning after the work has been finished as everypony was enjoying the beautiful light of day.


"Spike!" Twillight Sparkle yelled out in her library "Where is my great spell book of magic?"


Little Spike yawned and replied "Can't you just quit it Twillight, you better go out and talk to your friends, you are allways here in the library."


"Fine!" Twillight looked at Spiked said goodbye and went outside


The group of all friends were allready at Sugar Cube Corner talking what did they do this morning. Until... Storm came as everypony were hidding in their houses


"Rainbow what in the hay is going on? Didn't ya cleared all the clouds?" Said fair Applejack


"I did I don't know where the storm came from."


"Maybe you missed few of the clouds?" Applejack asked


"You should try to do it yourself Applesmack!" Pronounced Rainbow


"Well we can stay here until the storm goes away." Told Fluttershy with scared voice sound


Rainbow Dash looked outside the window there she noticed a dark cloud all the way to Everfree Forest


"I say we go check it out!" Said Rainbow Dash


A quiet voice said "Can I stay here if it is okey with you that is."


"It's allright sugarcube you can stay here with Pinkie. Right Pink?"


"Of course she can we will have so much fun together yay!"


"Girls I simply cannot go outside with that rain it will ruin my beautiful mane." Said fashion girl Rarity


"Fine you stay here...I don't even want to talk about it again." Angerly said Applejack


The 3 ponies didn't know what was going to happend the closer they came the more rainy it went. As they all entered Everfree Forest there was a medium size castle.


"I belieave this is what ruined the weather!" Said Loyal Rainbow Dash


"Well I'm sure there is nothing about this castle that ruined the weather." Said unsurely Applejack


"Lets just go in and find out what is happening." Said Twillight as she went into the castle ahead.


The room was dark filled with sounds of wind, the 3 ponies glanced half cross the room and save someone standing in a black cape and black hood.


"What shall we do?" Asked Applejack


"I'm afraid we will have to risk and see." Said purple horn pony "Hello! We are sorry to disturb you, but we wanted to know what happend to all of the weather!" Gently asked Twillight Sparkle


But after that Rainbow Dash yelled "Come on spit it up we are not scared of you!"


The pony who was disturbed dropped an orb on the group and after that he smashed it with his hoof as he glanced at 3 ponies


"I think we better leave and fast!" said Applejack


"There is no way I am leaving this one here!" yelled out Rainbow Dash and charged into the black pony.


But Applejack ran to Rainbow Dash bite her tail and hold her "Hold on there filly...there must be a reasonable explanation here." as she released here tail and said to the black pony "I'm mighty sorry for our friend Rainbow Dash here we just want to know what happend to the weather."


The black pony finally awnsered "The weather is fine...just look outside it is all over just some pegasus might have missed few dark clouds."


Applejack came closer to the black pony and asked "What are you doin' here all alone?"


The black pony said "I allways stay here because I would feel that I would not be exepted in Ponyville." said the black pony turning around and walking straight


"Of course he wouldn't be exepted." Said Rainbow Dash


"Shhh!" pointed Twillight Sparkle at Rainbow Dash


"Well maybe I could risk to do that as you risked to go here." Said the black pony


"We would all love to have a new friend I'm Applejack and these are my friends Twillight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash." Applejack tried to get the black pony more friendly


"It's nice to meet you all my name is Luriel, Thank you for making me feel so much better tell me why did you want me to be friends with you?" Asked Luriel


"Because we can't just leave somepony alone" Said Twillight Sparkle glancing at Rainbow Dash


"Yeah of course we wouldn't hehe." Slightly said Rainbow Dash


Luriel would look at 3 ponies and smile at them as he stops hidding himself and takes off his cape and hood smilling at 3 ponies as he went with them to Ponyville and he met other ponies and was happy since this day.


((So tell me what do you think and sorry if you don't like that I made a story about myself but this my first fanfiction ;) Thank you all for reading leave a reply if you want me to make more stories I will enjoy making them and sorry if my grammar isn't perfect thank you all again ;) ))

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