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mega thread What game are you playing right now?

Mint Petal

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Hadn't tried the DLC, so I replayed the main game to get a feel for everything. It's not as hard as I remember it being, but one or two bosses still gave me a bit of trouble.

*cough cough* Dr. Kahl *cough*

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Best Paper Mario game ever :squee:. But damn, my job, responsibilities, and work out really put a dent on my free time. I could have finished it two weeks ago otherwise :scoots:

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I just recently finished Doom Eternal on Ultra-Nightmare, lol. Took me the better part of 7 hours... and I've spent about the same amount of time rendering my edit of that playthrough. God bless. 


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I'm replaying Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, getting all the collectibles, trials, and on hard difficulty this time. The storytelling I could take or leave, but the scenery is gorgeous and the combat is really fun. The first half has been pretty easy so far, but I'm a little worried about the last few bosses considering my previous experience with them :derp:.

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