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How To Smoothly Vector Ponies


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My favorite image of Fluttershy (I made both of these)


Posted Image


So I wanted to take out everything but Fluttershy. With some magic wands, filling, and extra layers I did, but ended up doing like 300 careful touch-ups around the edges.

Posted Image


As you can see, the edges still look a little thicker in some places, and very rough.

I'd like to get a few tips about fixing this.

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Well, if you're attempting to create a smooth, vectorised image via the use of the magic wand and filling tools, then you're undoubtably going to be in for a bit of trouble!


First and foremost, vectoring is a process accomplished using only the Pen tool in Photoshop (known as the ink tool In Paint Tool SAI I believe). A vector is not a normal Rasterized image (which remains at a static pixel density when resized), but instead is a set of points, which form an outline for a variable pixel density, which can be resized at will without any loss of image quality. This why you'll see many vectors with resolutions in the thousands that are maintain such smooth outlines and Bézier curves.


Vectoring is a relatively simple process, however explaining the method here with a great wall of text isn't an Ideal solution for either of us. Alternatively, I recommend you check out a Youtube tutorial series entitled Vectoring is Magic by OrangeL89. Each of his tutorials are quite comprehensive, and should allow you to create relatively flawless vectors, without the need for 300 touch ups. :P


Hope that helps you out a little bit.

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