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Introductions. Silverhoof. Just me.


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This is the first real MLP forum I've found. I lurked a bit and y'all seem cool.


I grew up in Arizona, did the camping thing. Lived in Colorado for a year...LOVE that State. But now I live in Iowa. Ya go where the job is. I work with a bank.


I have eaten a lot of strange things in my time. Buffalo, rattlesnake, even alligator. Bottom line I try and ensure than an animal dies for my every meal.


Hmmm. about me. I've played dungeons and dragons. LOVE Sci Fi conventions. Never been to a Brony Con. I've written one book that did not sell. BUT. The experience taught me how to write a book, so I'm working on a second right now.


All my socks are black.


As a Hobby, I commission art and post it my DA gallery.


I've been unlucky in love so far, I'll probably have to wait for the Stepford Wives Catalog to come out.

Bro-hoof if you can figure that reference out.


Don't watch a lot of Dr Who, but the Weeping Angles episode freaked me out.


I once took a shortcut through a grave yard during a dense fog: DON'T DO THAT! EVER! got lost and yes , it creeped me out. After the Weeping Angels you will NEVER want to enter an old grave yard again.


One last thing...Ok its hard to really get me to shut up but I'll close with this bit of wisdom I learned at DA: always be kind to an artist. If you give them money good luck will rub off on you.

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Welcome to the forums!


I plan on owning all black socks when I'm older. It's such a pain to find a proper pair when they are all different designs.


Anyways. See you around~

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This is a test. No need tpo reply to it. I'm trying to figure out how to post an image.


Posted Image


SUCESS! This is my OC, Silverhoof. Gold with a red mane. His unicorn tallent is to reshape trees doing some amazing things. I deliberately did not make him a combat fiend because I wanted to stay with the memes of the show. But he did off a Manticore.

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