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S01:E04 - Applebuck Season


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This episode was a very strange one to me :mlp_wat:

It's an episode that showed me that the show was generally going to be high quality but something about the plot just seemed a bit weird to me

I think this episode would've been much better suited for Rarity, making too many dresses then she can handle or something, directly referring to her element and its negatives if over used (just because you're generous, doesn't mean you shouldn't forget about yourself!)

But Applejack is the element of HONESTY!!! She's supposed to be so honest that she can use it to defeat Nightmare Moon, so what happened between those few weeks???

I haven't even finished Season 1 but I am now fully convinced in the idea that Rainbow Dash and Applejack should swap their elements! Although, I did find this episode funny, watching it a few times just for the joke about the zoo, idk why its so funny to me :laugh:

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If you take note of the main Episode Discussions page, Season 1 practically doesn't exist at all. Season 2 has every episode accounted for, but Season 1 is in dismay, and only has a quarter of the epi

https://mlpforums.com/calendar/event/110-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events Title: Applebuck Season Air Date: November 5, 2010 Synopsis: It's Applebuck Season in Ponyville and a short-handed Applejack is det

Ah yes, Applebuck Season, definitely still one of my favorite episodes, and until "The Last Roundup" and "The Super-Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" episodes in Season 2, it was my favorite AJ episode! Hon

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Interesting one, Nurse Red heart has a cameo. Applejack should have gotten in trouble for poisoning those ponies though, that was a bit dark. I liked it.

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This episode is a classic! Great expressions. Great gags. And great development for Applejack. Plus, this is the first episode to got me warm up to Applejack.

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I don't really know how to feel about this episode. Applejack's motivation for doing the harvesting all by herself seems understandable in some ways, sometime asking for help can seem like an attack aimed at our pride. But even so, I can't help but feel a bit annoyed whenever she's being overly stubborn. Not only that, I find it kind of hard to believe that Ponyville, an entire community made up of ponies of multiple races, would rely on a single earth pony for help. A stampede I can understand, but running a store, helping in a stunt trick, or wrangling some bunnies sounds like something plenty of other ponies can do like the rest of the mane 6. Also, I find it interesting that this is one of those episodes where Big Mac gets a few lines other than 'eyup' or 'nope', even though they don't exactly have a big relevance to the episode. All and all, Applebuck Season just doesn't sit right with me in some ways, though I think the moral and the story isn't too bad.

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I love this episode so much and it's really nostalgic to me!:mlp_smug:

EDIT: Expanded thoughts: I love the animation and it's facial expressions, the jokes are really funny and it has very memorable quotes, and it's a great testament for Applejack. Not only that, it has a really great moral about it's okay to ask for help.

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This episode is really important to AJ. She definitely has also some flaw like any other of the mane six. It's also nice to hear some speaking from BigMac

But I'm biased here. I've got a very stubborn father. He hurt himself at more than one occasion because of this stubborn nature and scared his family. So I've some trouble watching this because this reminds me on so much bad memories.

Overall I think this is a good episode with some incredible important life lesson for many people. But for me personal is kinds heart to watch.

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