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S01:E10 - Swarm of the Century



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Swarm of the century, time to dissect it... in words.

First is the parasprites, creatures that we, unfortunately, never see again, which is a shame because I wanted to know where they come from and I doubt they're from the Everfree Forest since it was implied that plenty of them were also at Fillydelphia. I also gotta wonder how does Pinkie Pie even know about the parasprites to begin with, did she have to deal with them before, or did she heard of them? But as for the creatures themselves, the fact that they multiply in such a fast speed kinda appalls me and they have absolutely no self control.

Now about the mane 6, I kinda find some of their methods from stopping the parasites are kinda reasonable. Applejack utilizing her experience in wrangling animals and Rainbow making a twister to gather them are solutions I can see work, though I can't help but feel miffed when some of them just do something dumb to ruin it like Fluttershy keeping one just because they're cute and Pinkie not paying attention to her surroundings. I'm not blaming Twilight since that part was an accident, though maybe except where about half of Ponyville is destroyed.

There are some parts I like and others I don't, like Twilight freaking out and Pinkie 'taste testing' the treats. This episode is essentially filler, but a sorta good kind of filler. But I'll say it again, shame we don't get to see more about the parasites other than the threat they pose.

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I really like this episode because of how unique and fun it was. The parasprites are cute and they are very creative. The humor was spot on and I laughed so hard. The animation is great. I just love the charm the episode brings. Plus, this is the first episode written by M.A Larson, and he did an amazing job representing the characters very well.

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Good episode and one that I've enjoyed more over the years.

So, I'll get the complaints out of the way first. I really like the message behind this episode, but it could've been handled better. Pinkie didn't really give the others a reason to listen to her, when she could've just told them that she knew how to deal with the parasprites. I know the answer is because there would be no episode, but still.

The plot itself isn't too complex, but it's the kind of episode you can just sit down and autopilot your way through. The humour on the other hand is fantastic. All the gags and jokes in this episode were on point. Some of my favourite bits in all of FiM come from this episode. The parasprites are adorable too, so can't fault the ponies for taking a liking to them.

I'll give this episode a 8/10.

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I like this episode though Pinkie's role in it seems nonsensical but I suppose that is fitting for her character. It is fairly nostalgic for me, though I am not sure what to think of Pinkie's character. 

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Swarm of the century or How Pinkie Pie is actually more intelligent than you think. I like the episode, but only because of how it ends. Everyone ignoring Pinkie because she's "the crazy one" only to be reversed uno by her and her one pony band is great. Makes you think what else is store inside that crazy pink head of hers.

Pinkie's Band : 10/10

Episode : 6/10

Giant Ball of Parasprites to throw at your enemies : Priceless

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The only Episode i started to like Pinkie Pie. :o 


Also i didnt knew, it was the first Episode that Zecora appeared and later, it gave the Best one-liner ever "If they're at Ponyville... ur Doom'd!" Omg i loved this Episode. :D

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