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S01:E22 - A Bird in the Hoof


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Philomena being a dick ruins a lot of this episode. The parts with just her and Fluttershy are the worst because it's both boring and annoying. It gets a bit better when Twilight is added to the mix, but it's still not that good. At least the first act is pretty fun, even if it's not connected to the rest of the episode.

Score: 5/10

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A Fluttershy episode, a trolleista episode, and a pretty funny one. Pinkie Pie randomly smashes her head into a pie..... I also love the chase scene, with it's awesome music and hilariousness. 

This episode was a good one, but the problem I've always seen is that Fluttershy is an expert on animals.  How could she have never heard of a phoenix?

I was a little confused where I first saw Phillomina.... But I think I get where Celestia gets her mischieviousness from..... either way, I felt really bad for Fluttershy.....

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Pretty good humor in this episode.  It was fun seeing Celestia slumming it with the common folk.  It does always bug me when characters sneak around and do stuff without asking.  Why didn't Fluttershy just frickin' ask Celestia?  How could you frigging birdnap the bird without asking, you maniac?  Who does that?!  What were you thinking?!

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Loved this episode, it had some iconic moments. Philomena is a really majestic phoenix. I like the way Celestia does 'gotcha'. They are all so afraid of her despite Celestia being a nice princess to them. 

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Good and funny episode :) I really liked it. I have to emphasis the humor of this episode.

Philomena being a phoenix was a bit to obvious to me, so the reveal had not the big surprise moment. But I give this show (especially season one) some leeway :)

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That was a great episode. It's one of the most lighthearted episodes of the season and it was hilarious.

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Aight, time to add 'pheonix' to the list of species in MLP FiM

One of the things I like about the episode is the references, like Angel Bunny acting like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and the chase for Philomena reminding me of Road Runner. (I might be wrong, but that's just what it reminds me of) There's also the part where Celestia acts playfully when she was invited to the party in Ponyville, Trollestia anyone? I think it's also good that she doesn't act like a tyrannical ruler that Twilight thought that she would be. It kinda makes her a bit more likeable in my opinion and kinda shows how much Twilight doesn't not want to disappoint her teacher.

Philomena, in my opinion, is... odd to say the least. Not meaning to disrespect her or anything, but Philomena before revealed that she was a pheonix looked like a boiled, diseased chicken, like nothing about her suggested that she was a mystical creature, let alone a bird made of fire. There's also how the mane 6 acted in the party. Again, not meaning to disrespect. It's made rather clear that they all have they're own definition of casual. Some more problematic than others, but I think that's small compared to the episode's quality.

I don't have any strong feelings for this episode. It's not a favorite, nor is it a dislike, but I think it at least gives Celestia some screentime and character. It ain't much, but it's something. Overall, it's not a bad episode, but it's not exactly one for the history books either.

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