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Hi everyone


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I guess im a typical new brony, i heard a lot of references to mlp in random youtube videos and actually googled the word brony to see what it was lol. then i tried the show just to see what all the hype was about, after 3 episodes it certainly had my attention! I like how mlp fim is more like the cartoons i grew up watching, yet it has enough humor in it for an adult to find entertaining. over the course of a few weeks ive watched all available episodes and now im a fan!

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are you excitied for the pinkie episode this saturday? :)

who is your favourite pony? :)


Welcome to the forums !! :D ~


yeah im looking forward to the new episodes, ive seen all the previous ones. i really like how each pony has its own personality, plus i find myself laughing almost every episode. my favorite pony is applejack, mainly because of her accent since im from the south.

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