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Well, I'm working on a project in between requests. I will be drawing all cannon MLP characters (and possibly some OCs if I'm asked politely) in Nightmare Night costumes. I DO NOT WANT ANY CANNON TO HAVE THE SAME COSTUME AS IN THE SHOW!!!



This is your chance to (1) help me descide upon the costumes each pony will have and (2) apply for your own OC to have its own Nightmare Night image (this will qualify as a specialized request and you cannot pick who your OC will be dressed as).


Who would Moriko be?


This project will also include all versions of Luna (lil luna, nightmare moon, and current luna) aswell as fanfic characters such as Pinkamena and Lil Miss Rarity.








Cannon Ponies:


Octavia: Phantom of the Opera


OC Ponies:


Fanfic Ponies:


PS: Some ponies may have specialized costumes, like Moriko's. Shhhh, the costume is a secret ;)

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