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On the first of September, several gifted individuals received a mysterious and rather odd letter. It read as follows:


Hello! We welcome you to Renly Academy for the Mentally Enlightened a school best known for its extraordinary performance in the arts, academics, and sport. You have been accepted to our establishment. Enclosed in this letter are a train ticket and plane ticket. Please arrive at the station at 8:00 a.m. exactly on eighth September and take the 8:30 a.m. train to Casterly Rock. Upon your arrival, walk several blocks to the pier, where a float plane will be waiting for you. This will take you to Dragonstone Island, where the academy is located. The pilot will give you a map of the grounds, your uniforms, your timetable, and your roommate list and keys. Please note that all you are required to take is anything personal you would like to bring-everything else can be provided to you at the school. Your tuition has also been covered by us, so there is no need to worry about the cost. Upon arrival at the island, someone will take your luggage to your dorms, which are clearly located on the map. Please go to your room and change into your uniform, then go to the gymnasium to be briefed on school conduct and rules.

We hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Headmisstress Karstark




Luce stepped out of her limo and shaded her already covered eyes with a perfectly manicured hand. The train station was bustling with people, and she wrinkled her nose.

"Bah, commoners " she spat, the held out her hand. Her waiter hustled to hand her a small white lacy parasol which she flicked over her head with a sniff. Her short shirt attracted the attention of several boys who whistled, and she merely waved her hand. Two guards stepped towards them menacingly, scaring them off.

Luce lowered her sunglasses at them slightly and frowned. "I really don't see why I can't take my private jet to this 'Dragonstone'," she complained loudly.

Her waiter shrugged and opened his mouth, but she cut him off. "No matter. Mother always said it was good to see how these beastly people live on occasion. My luggage."

Twelve enourmous bags were pulled out of the car, and with a snap of her finger Luce strode off, her heels clicking loudly as her many servants hurried after her.


Olivia blinked in the sun as she hopped off the bus, waving quickly at the driver and pulling the handle out on her small brown suitcase. She strode towards the door quickly, and noticed a small pigeon lying on the ground with a hurt wing.

Olivia frowned and knelt by it, cooing softly to it. The pigeon cooed back and suddenly took flight again. Olivia grinned happily and continued on her way. She couldn't help but notice a blonde girl with a whole household of people scurrying after her and wrinkled her nose at the excess of luggage she had.

"Hope she's not headed where I am," she muttered darkly as she pushed through the rotating doors.


Thalia had camped behind the station for a few days, and finally it was time. It was a nice warm day, but Thalia hated the warm weather and scowled at the sky, hoping for some rain.

She hopped off the roof, surprising a group of tourists, and, with a mocking wave at their shocked faces, shoved through the doors.

There was a few too many people for her liking, and she flattened her bangs over her left eye just to make sure no one saw it. She usually just told anyone who gawked that she was blind in it, but it was pure white and no one quite believed her. Her ratty clothes drew a few mutters about guarding one's money but she had been homeless for a long time and was used to it. She ignored them and booked it for her platform instead.

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*Sasha hit the brakes on her motorcycle hard as the arrived at the station. She kicked down bike stand and dismounted the bike, as she pulled off her helmet, looking around at the other people who had arrived at the station.*

"Well then, isn't that special."

*She grumbled when she saw the bustling of servants around a particularly wealthy looking girl. Sasha turned around as a car pulled up beside her. Another girl who looked about the same age as Sasha got out from the drivers seat.*

"Im gonna miss you, you know that?" *The girl said to Sasha.*

"Im gonna miss you to Anna. Come on, lets get my bike into your car."

*Anna nodded and helped Sasha lift the motorcycle into the back of Anna's van. They closed the doors and then looked at each other and hugged.*

"Dont study too hard, okay?" *Anna said, a bit of a tear in her eye. Sasha chuckled.*

"Thats something you don't have to worry about." *Sasha said as the two girls ended their hug.* "Don't let King party too hard, okay? She gets a bit out of hand."

"I know." *Anna said, wiping the tear out of her eye. Anna took something out of her pocket and handed it to Sasha.* "Here, take this, don't forget about me, okay?"

*Sasha gently took the dragon shaped pendant from her friend and smiled warmly.* "Thank you Anna. And I promise, I will never forget you." *Sasha smirked.* "Besides, Ill be back next summer. Look forward to it." *Sasha put the pendant on, and let it hang on her chest. The two hugged one more time and Sasha grabbed her single suitcase full of clothes and art supplies and waved goodbye as she headed into the train station, putting on a more disconnected look as she got onto the platform.*

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Daniel stepped out of the backseat of a cab, wearing jeans and a red hoodie, a small briefcase in his hand. He turned back to the driver, pulling out enough money to pay for the ride. After he had done so, and the cab had pulled away, he took a beige letter out of his pocket, opened it, and began to re-read it for the fifth time.


<Renly Academy for the Mentally Enlightened?> He thought, slightly confused. <What kind of mental enlightenment do they expect a foster child to have?> True, he had been in some kind of foster care for as long as he could remember, but never for more than a week at a time. Still, being in foster care was better than the streets. The letter had said to only bring personal items, nothing more, yet Daniel had no personal items. The briefcase he carried was just there for show, and quick storage if need be.


Daniel finished re-reading the letter, put it back into his pocket, and began to walk inside the train station. He stepped inside, and looked at the time. 8:01. As close to exact as he could. He took out his train ticket, and began to head towards the platform. The first thing he saw was a girl standing there with a dragon pendant, a simple suitcase by her side. He stopped and looked at the rest of the people there.


One girl was followed by several servants, surrounded by what seemed like a dozen suitcases, each rather large. Another had a normal, brown suitcase, and seemed to by standing by herself. The last looked as if she had lived on the streets all her life, her bangs covered her left eye, and people stared at her in disgust.


<Is this a girls-only school?> Daniel thought at first. <Was my invitation mistakenly delivered?> True, it would have made more sense, but something told Daniel it wasn't the case. He built up some courage, and walked forward, towards the platform, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

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Luce snorted at the girl on the motorbike as she hugged her friend.

"Now, what HAS the lower class come to, gallivanting about on motorbikes and the like? How disgusting! Look at her hair! Who would do that to themselves, I do ask?"

The servants surrounding her rolled their eyes at one another, but one unfortunate one was noticed by Luce. She grabbed his shirt in a vice like grip and shoved her perfectly made up face into his, her breath smelling like the bubblegum she was chewing.

"Did you just roll your eyes at ME?" she hissed angrily, and the man squirmed uncomfortably. Luce's eyes seemed to glow manically as she repeated herself, more violently.


The man's face suddenly went slightly blank, and he knelt in front of Luce, pleading for forgiveness. Luce smile coldly and waved at her guards, who hauled him upright and weeping to the black limo. The door shut and muffled screams could be heard.

She winked at her other servants, who all trembled.

"Let that be a warning to you all. Now let's go, I shall be late if we delay much longer." She pushed her sunglasses back up with a smirk.

"And you all know how much I HATE to be late."


Olivia was puffing as she bolted among the crowds, bumping into people and apologizing as she sped along. She caught sight of the blonde girl again, who was smirking rather cruelly, and made a face at her. The blonde didn't seem to notice but her smirk was wiped away as she ran on.

She stopped at her station and bent over double, puffing. She hadn't run that much in a while, and she was out of shape. Coughing, she checked the time on a large wall clock-it was just five past.

The train station suddenly filled with a pleasant female voice. "The train to Casterly Rock will be boarding in fifteen minutes time. I repeat, the train will be boarding in fifteen minutes."

Olivia bounced slightly on her heels. She was excited now-it was so close. The message had been admittedly vague, and she wasn't particularly good at anything besides taking care of animals, but apparently she was special enough.

There were several kids already there-one boy and two girls, including the blonde. She could see another one flitting among the crowds, with dark hair and a wary sort of look.

Olivia smiled. She knew she had found her place.


Thalia easily worked her way through the crowds, much different from Olivia's clumsy bumbling. She fit in where she needed to fit in and slowly worked her way over.

There were a few other people already there-three girls, and a boy. Thalia sized them all up carefully. The boy had a sort of feral look and his eyes were looking around nervously-he obviously wasn't trying to make any friends. A loud blonde girl stood in a sort of bored slump, texting while she barked commands to the multiple servants surrounding her. Another who had short brown hair was bouncing on her heels with a goofy smile, and the last fingered a dragon pendant with an expressionless look.

Thalia decided she liked everyone but the blonde one, and maybe the brown haired one-she looked suspiciously too happy, like she was drugged up.

Thalia slipped into the crowd again and just let the flow of people hide her and move her along. However, a beefy man gave her a rude glance and shoved her, and she slammed into the boy she had just seen.

Giving the man the finger, Thalia slipped her hand neatly into his pocket and snatched his wallet. The man didn't feel anything as he chuckled and moved along.

Thalia flipped open the wallet and started going through it casually as she winked at the boy.

"Dumbass won't even notice it's gone. Thalia."

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"Daniel." He replied, looking curiously at the new-found acquaintance. He honestly couldn't care less about how one went about their life, he himself having stolen quite a few things from his days in the foster homes. Daniel watched as she expertly skimmed through the wallet, apparently deciding what was worth it and what wasn't. However, not wanting to draw attention from both Thalia and the nearby crowd, he turned his gaze away, instead looking towards the others on the platform, studying them, trying to figure out friends from foes.


He noted almost immediately that the blonde girl with the servants was as rotten as a three week old egg, and decided to not give her a second thought or glance. The girl with the dragon pendant seemed very absent minded, and not willing to talk to anyone. She was probably already missing what family or friends she had. The last girl, which had run up, had apparently caught her breath, and started smiling. Daniel had no idea what the cause was, and quickly denounced her as a polar opposite.


Without returning his attention to the girl beside him, he began to try to bring up a conversation. "You normally make a living like that, or do you go the sympathy route sometimes?"

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Thalia grinned at him. "People don't like to sympathize with my type. Besides, where's the joy in that? It's much more fun to give em what they deserve."

Having taken what she wanted, Thalia tossed the wallet in the trash with a contemptuous snort and nod at the blonde girl. "Like that one. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on her stuff." She cast her eye over the other two. "They don't seem quite so bad, though I'm not sure what that one chick is so excited about. What is she on and where the hell can I get some?"

Shrugging, she returned her attention to Daniel. "So I'm guessing you've been on the streets a few times too, huh?"


Olivia looked at Thalia and Daniel curiously. Neither looked very happy to see the others, and the one girl kept fixing her hair in a suspicious way over her left eye. She dismissed it and wandered over to the girl with the dragon pendant.

"Like the necklace. Ironic that we're going to Dragonstone Island, huh?"

She cringed at the childishness of her statement but tried to look friendly.


Luce rubbed more sanitizer on her hands with a snort.

"These people look like they're been living off the streets, how unhygienic!" she squealed to a nearby servant. "How did these hooligans get into the school? I shall file a complaint as soon as I get there! Letting in any which person, who knows what sort of diseases they have!"

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"Not so much the streets, no." Daniel began, happy to have someone somewhat close to his background to talk to. "I'm from a foster home though, and a crappy one at that, so it's about the same." He looked over at what she had kept, after throwing away the wallet. "You didn't keep the credit cards, did you?" He asked, not wanting her to be hauled away when they were flagged for use. <This girl should be fun to hang around with. Not too snobby, not too stuck up, definitely not a goody-two-shoes, but also not a complete, psychopathic serial killer.> He thought. <Hopefully not, anyways.>


A flash of blue fabric caught his eye, as a police officer started moving towards them, one hand on his radio, the other reaching for his badge. Daniel looked down at Thalia, who was still oblivious to the officer. He then made a split second decision, and turned his gaze straight towards the eyes of the cop. He reached out, not with his hands, but with his mind, and began to probe the officer's brain, implanting an illusion of himself and the girl disappearing, straight into thin air, as the column directly behind them moved forward to take their place.


He brought his mind back, and turned to Thalia. "Stand perfectly still, and don't make any noise of any kind. Trust me."

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*Sasha looked over at Luce, obviously annoyed by the blonde girl.*

"The fuq is her problem?"

*She muttered to herself.*


*Sasha noticed Thalia and Daniel talking to each other, Thalia looking through a wallet before throwing it away.*

[uh, oh. Trouble maker.]

*Sasha thought in an amused tone. Then she saw a girl approaching her.*


*Sasha grinned at Olivia's comment.*

"I guess so. I made this pendant for my friend Anna a few years back. She loves dragons, so I used some metalworking stuff my old scool had to make this for her. She returned it to me today as something to remember her by."

*Sasha ran her finger along the pendant.*

"Im Sasha by the way.its nice to meet you. Im sure we will get along better than I would with her."

*Sasha said, pointing her thumb at Luce.*

"She's got some serious issues if you ask me."

*Sasha smirked again. She was surprised someone had approached her so soon. People usualy seemed to keep their distance. It had taken Sasha years to get the small group of friends she had at home, but this girl had approached her almost immediately.*

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Red arrived at the station designated in the letter. He was only carrying a small duffel bag and felt somewhat impoverished when he saw the other students that had already arrived......

well, this could start off very crappie....he thought to himself.

He opened up his duffel bag, he had numerous binders full of music, plenty of notebooks for his classes, and his lucky feux leather jacket. He was wearing black shoes, black socks, a black t-shirt (with a black, unbuttoned, collared shirt over it), black fingerless gloves, and a black fedora with gray strips and a skull on it.

How Red had gotten into such a supposedly prestigious academy with such ELEGANT wardrobe, no money at all, and without even applying to the school was beyond Red's thoughts.......not that he was complaining. If he could get into a school for free without even trying, he wasn't about to question it. He lifted up his bag, which was now zipped up without him touching it, and headed off to board the plane. Hopefully, he wouldn't be noticed by anyone......he prayed they'd be to snobby to even try and talk to him.......

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Thalia winked at him and turned her head away from the cop. Her agility usually got her away, and there were a few more...mysterious incidents, but if someone would do it for her she was game.


Olivia smiled. "I used to love dragons when I was a little kid. Still do. I remember I would always make up stories about them." She laughed a little, with a small self-mocking smile. "I was a bit of an airhead as a child."

Glancing over at Luce, she wrinkled her nose. "She looks familiar somehow, though. Can't quite remember."

Suddenly her eyes lit up. "Oh, yeah! She was all over the news a few years back! Some murder case or something, allegedly killed three boys." She snorted. "Daddy's money probably got her out of that mess, haven't heard anything about it since then."


Luce was staring down another servant who had offended her at this point, but lifted her eyes when she felt other pairs on her. Two of the other girls were looking in her direction with rude smiles, and Luce just ignored them, refusing to stoop to their petty games.


And stuff...

(Er, Red? They haven't even gotten on the train yet, let alone the plane...maybe you should re-read the letter :S) Edited by Raindancer

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*Upon hearing this, Sasha looked over at Luce again in shock. For a split second, Sasha's green eyes glowed slightly black but as soon as the glow was there, it was gone. Sasha closed her eyes and put a hand to her head.*

"Geez, there is something you wouldn't expect."

*She lowered her hand and opened her eyes again, back to their bright emerald green color.*

"I mean, i've beaten up my fair share of boys, but never gone as far as killing. Its a mind boggler."

*Sasha looked around the station. A few more people were filing in, bit by bit.*

"Anyway, the letter said that this was a school dedicated to those who are good at academics, athletics, and arts. Which one are you?"

*Sasha asked turing away from Luce, trying to take the topic away from the blonde. She still could hardly believe that the wealthy looking girl had the ability to kill three boys. But Sasha suspected that maybe, just maybe, there was some alternate goal of this school. Everyone has their secrets after all. Maybe there were more people who had, abilities, like her own.*

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Olivia shrugged. "Who knows if it's true? I mean, she doesn't seem like the type to want to break a nail. It may have been a set up."

She glanced back at Luce again, and something twisted in her stomach. There was something very wrong with that girl, the way that she looked at people and her eerie smile.

She shook her head and face Sasha again. She shrugged a little with a frown. "I'm not really good at anything, to be honest, I don't know what they saw in me. I'm pretty much failing in all my classes but Chem and Bio thus far, I can't hold a tune for my life, and I'm a total wimp. Obviously they liked something, though, because here I am." She eyed Sasha. "I'm guessing you're here for the arts? You have that musician air about you."

Olivia didn't feel it was necessary to mention her other abilities. It would blow either scare her off and send her to a mental institute, or become the latest freak show. She noticed another pigeon who had obviously been trampled on by some cruel person, and her heart twisted. She desperately wanted to help it, but she couldn't without making a fool of herself.

She instead focused on it and tried to communicate her thoughts to it.

<I'll come help you in a moment. Just hold in there.>

Even the tiny attempt to think to it took all the energy out of her, and she stumbled, feeling very faint.

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Red wasn't even remotely surprised by the dirty looks he was already getting from everyone. standard stuck up rich snobs Red thought to him self.

Eventually he found an empty seat, almost in the servant's section. Fortunately, nobody, so far anyway, had tried to talk to Red other than the servants. One of the servants mistook Red for a co-worker, but after a short explanation she went on her way. Red then noticed someone starting to fall over outside. He instantly found himself running back outside without a second thought. He grabbed her shoulders just as she stumbled over, "Easy there, you alright? I saw you passing out. I've got that problem too," he extended his hand, "Sorry, um.....I'm Red."

Red then remembered she was one of the rich people, he prepared himself for the worst. No doubt she's going to call the police or something thinking I gave her rabies or AIDS or something retarded like that. He thought to himself. She probably doesn't even know HOW to say thank you to anyone.......

Red took a step back, crossed his arms, and braced himself for hell.........

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"More of physical arts than musical, but I can play a little bit of guitar."

*Sasha said. She thought for a moment.*

[Either she is really modest, or Im right, there is something else in people that this school is looking for. Besides, I cant be the only one with strange abilities, can I?]

*Thats when she saw Olivia stumble.*

"Hey, are you alright?"

*Sasha was about to help Olivia when a random guy ran up to them and caught Olivia, helped her up and introduced himself, before stepping back and seemingly bracing himself.*

"Um, hi."

*Sasha said giving him a confused look. This guy seemed weird, but in Sasha's mind, the words weird and strange, often translated themselves to awesome and cool.*

"You also going to this Renly Academy place?"

*Sasha asked non-chalantly. This guy seemed a bit too on edge. Then Sasha noticed the crowd of people staring at the three of them. Sasha raised an eyebrow and waved her hands in the air.*

"Alright, alright, nothin ta see here folks, get on with your lives instead of just staring at some kids."

*Sasha smirked as the crowd obliged and dispersed from around them.*

"Friggin sheep. Just going on with their lives without any cares in the world. Don't know the hardships of living without luxury."

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Olivia stood up, but she looked shaken and there was sweat on her brow and she had to lean against a post while she shook his hand. "Thanks, you probably just saved my life," she laughed, brushing her hair away from her face. "I'm a bit accident prone."

She smiled kindly at him. "I'm Olivia, by the way. Nice to meet you."

Sasha interrupted with her question and Olivia looked at him. He seemed nice enough, though he looked like he was expecting to be beaten for helping her or something.

The crowd moved away and she nodded at Sasha's comment. "This is why I'm glad I live in the middle of nowhere. At least being homeless comes with some silver lining."


Luce had her guards form a circle around her as the crowd dispersed. However, the idiots had shuffled a young man into her circle. He smiled goofily at Luce, obviously checking her out. The anger bubbled inside her-he was just like the rest of them, gawking where they shouldn't.

Instead of yelling at him, she sweetly touched his arm and leaned her lipsticked mouth close to his ear.

"Hey, wanna go somewhere...private?"

He followed her like a lost puppy as she took him outside behind the building. As soon as they were alone, however, she slammed him against the wall with surprising strength and pinned him there, her eyes glowing like chips of ice.

"Thought you could get away with that, huh?" she hissed. Suddenly a horrible burn started to appear across his shoulder where she was holding him, and he started to scream.

Luce covered his mouth and cooed at him. "Oh, not so macho now, are we?" She squeezed tighter and the burn took all his skin off, revealing the muscles and bone beneath. Her delicate hand was now soaked in blood as she grabbed a large stick and knocked him unconscious with a vicious stroke.

Luce strode back inside, smiling, as though nothing had happened.

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Daniel watched as the officer's eyes widened, his vision impaired by Daniel's illusion. He smirked at the simple-mindedness of his victim, as the Cop blindly stared at Daniel and Thalia for a solid minute, not believing his eyes. Of course, he had good reason to. It wasn't everyday Daniel used that certain talent, but when he did, it was almost foolproof.


After a minute of blank staring, the Cop slowly turned around and began to walk away, more than likely to contemplate his mental stability and whether he belonged in an asylum.


After the threat had dissipated Daniel nudged Thalia, letting her know the coast was clear. He then began to study the new arrivals to the station. He was happy to see that he wasn't the only guy to be going to the school, however, it didn't seem like the other guy would attain to Daniel's liking too much.


Slightly unsatisfied with his results, he returned his remaining attention back to Thalia. "So, do you know why you got accepted into this 'Renly Academy?'" He asked, hoping to learn a bit more about his acquaintence.

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(Standard entrance begin)


Ajax had been lingering around the station for quite some time now, watching the newcomers come along and try to outwit each other. He smirked as he saw the argument between a seemingly snobby girl and another with punk style clothing.

"Typical, the higher class has always held disdain for the lower class. Perhaps I'll witness this... Lady Gaga wannabe get put in her place by this other girl. Such is the endless bickering of the classes, he murmured as he slung his back pack over his shoulder and began to walk towards their area. He began to think what he should if he is confronted by either.

"Perhaps I'll just ignore them, but make it clear I despise this white clad chick," he thought as he stuck his hands into his black coat.

"Ignoring these girls is always the most useful insult rather than play a game of tug of war... Then again, I'd love to see how she would react to a few more insults... We'll see."

Ajax reviewed his invitation to the school as he continued to walk around. He hoped this school would help him increase his knowledge of things, and perhaps make a friend or two if he could.

"Oh, well, I come here to learn anyways..."

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Red was surprised when she actually shook his hand and didn't immediately wipe it on her pants. Olivia.......that was a nice name.........she seemed like, judging by the way she spoke to him, that she actually didn't come from a rich family......

"So......." Red stammered, not sure if he wanted to converse or not, " you know anything about this school? I googled it and nothing came up other than rumors and Twitter.....what do they mean by magic?"

Red felt himself starting to blush, he wiped his hands on his face to make it seem like he wasn't, but he had a feeling that that wouldn't work on her.......

Red never was good at making friends........he often either made a fool of himself trying t talk to them, or, at his high school, his reputation would cause them to tell him to piss up a rope before they even got to know him. Red hoped that nobody from his high school was going here as well.......That would absolutely SUCK, he thought to himself........

He then tried to back up a bit since he was feeling slightly cramped from nervousness, when suddenly he found he was looking at the sky while feeling a sharp pain race from the back of his head......

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Ajax frowned as he overheard some of the newcomers conversations about the school. He had figured at least someone would be better informed about this strange place than he, but apparently that was not the case.

"Hmph, who am I kidding? I didn't even know about this place until like... seven days ago, so I doubt anyone else knows more than I do..."

Ajax had seen that barely anyone was actually advancing from the train station and entering the school, so he decided to linger around the current area bit longer to avoid being the only newcomer in there. He sat down a nearby bench and pulled out a spiral and a pen and began to write down certain things he felt would be most appealing to his interests. Literature and Biology were his most preferred subjects in any educational settings, so he hoped there'd be some interesting reads and lab experiments in store for the year. After tiring of that activity, he began to draw some random things on the page of his journal. An eagle, the most prominent of all figures, seemed to glare at its viewer with eyes of a hunter.

"Eagles, a rather noble creature."

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And stuff...


(Red, I seriously need you to read the rules and the rest of the OoC opening aren't permitted to mention anything about magic yet. I am going to disregard that comment. Thanks.)


Thalia smiled mysteriously. "Well, that's a secret," she said with a "this is between us" little wink. "But all in due time, all in due time. What about you?"

She had noticed the newcomer, a somber looking boy, and she decided that now wasn't the time to approach him. He looked to be in a rather foul mood and now wasn't the time to raise hell with everyone.


Olivia shrugged. "Nothing. I don't really have access to that sort of stuff anyways, so I'm useless in that department."

She noticed that Luce had come back and the even more creepy smile on her face set off alarm bells in her head. She ignored her for the time being and darted her eyes to the new arrival, another boy, who was doodling in a notebook. There was a lot of pictures of eagles. Olivia smiled-she had always been fond of birds-and made a note to introduce herself later. Maybe he was interested in Biology as well.

For now, however, she focused on Red and tried to look her friendliest. Olivia was always the sort of "weird" girl at her school, and she wanted to shed that reputation.


Luce knew that thus far, everyone hated her. She was okay with that fact-the less Luce had people poking about with her, the better off she was. However, she had isolated herself too much, and those two unsavoury girls who were talking with the nervous looking and rather filthy boy were giving her odd looks. She needed to get them off her back, and soon.

Putting on her best smile, she walked over to someone who was alone-a boy who was drawing randomly in his notebook, not really paying attention.

"Hi! I couldn't help but notice you were alone over here. I'm Luce."

She hid her revulsion as she extended her hand to him. She HATED boys.

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Ajax hid his surprise as the girl who had bickering with the punk came over towards him.

"This a surprise," he thought in his head as he completed the talon of another eagle. This time however, the scene he had drawn was rather unorthodox. Instead of am eagle catching a snake in its talons, the roles were inverted, instead showing a serpent sinking its fangs into its enemy's neck while coiling tightly around it. Suddenly, Ajax remembered how eagles were often the symbol for nobility, while snakes were viewed as a lower nobility in some places. He formed a box around the scene, and then angled it to where Luce could catch a glimpse of the strange inversion of predator-prey. Then, he finally looked up, a smirk on his face as he extended his hand in return. He bit his tongue, feeling a chuckle coming on as he felt a rather heavy amount of negative emotion coming from her. Being a user of Illusion, he could already tell this elegant girl did not like the situation she had forced herself into.

"Ajax," was all he said.

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Luce returned the smirk, not in any way intimidated.

"Ah, snakes! I love them. Especially the POISON ones," she emphasized.

She had gotten the symbol, but this boy didn't frighten her, just as the stupid one she had dealt with behind the building hadn't.

"You're a rather good artist, aren't you? Grim, though," she commented, eyeing the drawing in mock interest. She then gestured to Olivia, who was still watching the two of them closely. "I bet you two would get along just fine, she seems to LOVE animals too."


Luce's original wariness had worn off. However, she was careful in keeping her manner in check, still forcing her emotions to be uncomfortable. She could feel that he was trying to do something to her, and she was going to mess it up as much as she could.


There had always been something about guys for Luce, a vague memory that she had never quite gotten back. They always just made her feel slightly repulsed and she couldn't stand most of them. She had spent much of her time trying to figure out why, but even with multiple secret visits to specialists, she had never quite gotten whatever had happened back, and the affliction still plagued her.

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Red assumed by the way Olivia looked around and they way she smiled at him that she was either

A: uncomfortable with the current situation but was too polite to say anything


B: simply had social skills as under developed as Red's


Red couldn't tell which one, so he decided to simply dismiss it. "" he blabbed, "Do you like music? Like as in play it that is?" Red always used this as a conversation starter, he loved to talk about music. He wanted to maybe someday get a career in music. Unfortunately, Red' mind told him that that wasn't a very realistic dream to have so Red never pursued it. He looked around, a girl had said something to get the gathering crowd to piss off. The train was still vacant, nobody had boarded at all yet.

Red wanted to go back into the train so badly right now, but he had just engaged this girl and felt it would be just a little bit rude to say, "Hey I'm sorry to do this to you, but I think everyone here has the potential to be a complete dick to me since I'm not as rich as them. So, I'm going to go sit on the train by myself near the servant's section. Is that okay?"

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Olivia shrugged and brushed her hair back behind her ears. "I can't afford to play any music, let alone buy any to listen to, since I can't afford to get any of the things. I can't sing either, sadly. I guess you're here for the arts, then?" She brightened slightly. "I'm so jealous! I'd love to be able to try out something. I've always liked the sound of woodwinds, though I've never heard one being played before. Just the word sounds nice." She looked slightly wistful, and looked at him with playful jealousy. "Lucky you."


She could tell Red wanted to leave, but she didn't exactly know what to do to give him what she wanted. Acting disinterested was just plain rude, and she didn't want to offend anyone on the first day. She chewed her lip slightly. It was nearly eight fifteen by now, but they still hadn't announced boarding, and the train wasn't even at the station yet. There was another taking its place and people slowly trickled onto it.


"It's a good thing you didn't take that one, it's not going anywhere near Casterly Rock," she said with a little chuckle.

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Red got himself back to his feet carefully, it felt as if his face was on fire. Gravity, you suck...

After processing what Olivia said, he found that he was stunned by her answer...........she said she couldn't afford was not cheap but it certainly wasn't something that would break the bank........Red was thrilled! He wasn't the only one going to this school that wasn't upper class!

Red then processed the next part of her sentence: woodwinds.......Red wasn't sure but he could have sworn he had some extra sheet music in one of his binders. "Honestly I don't know what I'm going to this school for........they didn't say anything other than they're paying for me to go to their school.......cryptic.........anyway, I've got some extra music in my bag, if you want I could teach you to read it?" He offered. "And honestly, I am lucky.....if my dad hadn't been into music during his high school days enough to keep his bass, I would've never have gotten the chance to try it!" he explained, "So, it would seem that you and I are the only one's, so far, at this school that won't be stuck up rich pricks......we should hang out sometime maybe?" Red hoped he wasn't coming across as arrogant. He was trying so hard to make a good impression, the last thing he needed was to screw it up with a single miss-said sentence.....

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