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Gaming This is essentially how I felt when I beat Chrono Cross a bit ago.


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Copypasta from my messenger talking to someone else just after I beat the game.



I haven't felt like this in years

That feeling of "OMG I want more but...if I get more it may not preserve the epic feeling this game has given me"

That feeling that...I don't know what's going to happen int heir lives next but desperately wish I could find out

THat feeling...of...unconclusion that doesn't really NEED to be continued but I want it anyway

That feeling that will haunt me...

Even when I replay the game

And know everything as I see all the events through new eyes

I haven't played a game that's done this to me in many years

I don't even remember what the last game that did this to me was, perhaps FFIX

You know what I mean?

Do you know what the feeling I'm speaking of that has no specific name?

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That is how I felt when I found out Minecraft had an end to it... WITH CREDITS! dude, when you've done EVERYTHING in a game, yet you enjoyed it so much you didn't want it to end, you hit a wall, and feel that way...

I haven't reached the end of minecraft yet, but I shall, unless I get bored with it...

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it's called being in complete awe.


like when i discovered how much i loved music.

i... couldn't describe accurately how i was feeling about it... i was just in sheer awe


Awe...no. It's not exactly that. Maybe a mix of that and something else but this feeling...it's true undescribable.

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