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Born without a smile,

I learned how to be distant.

With compassion blossoming,

Grew a young heart for an eternity.


I want to dream.


Plunge through darkness,

With your sword of light.

I want to believe now.

I want you to understand.


There is hope, there is despair.


There is love for every hatred.

Peace for every single war.

A symphony of colors forms

Only for you.


Let me lead you out of a trapped box.


Emotionless on the outside like snow,

An intricate tapestry of empathy and love

Cannot help but always be hidden away.

A doll becomes alive, just like me.


I want to hear the bells ring, to see you smile.


Soar to the brilliant dawn,

Glowing all the gold hues,

And causing for us miracles.

Despair reaches and we fly.


Let us know, let us forgive.


Pain and void are not the end.

Your love will reach, too.

Lies do not last forever.

But a flowering hope and love will.


The true path to happiness is faith. No matter what betrayal, you'll believe and take no step to hostility. Happiness is the essence of true love.

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