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I hate cold weather 

But I love snow, when it’s too bad to drive in

I have a weakness for stake

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I'm a big Barbie fan,

I'm introverted,

I love to sing and perform in community theater,

Asian food is my favorite,

I'm fiercely loyal to the ones I care about, and will protect them no matter what,

I am good at self defense,

I love cold weather,

I'm nocturnal,

I believe in Santa Claus,

I'm not a very good person but some very good people in my life are helping me to improve.

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One other interesting thing:

I’m a student of Japanese and I hope to go to Japan for my postsecondary education, but I’ve never consistently consumed any Japanese visual media. 

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I love 1D and 5SOS and The New Seekers. 

I adore Tim Drake probably too much.

Hyenas are my favourite animals.

I am trying to improve my drawing skills. The progress is agonisingly slow.

I should be doing work now but I am not. :P

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I'm a Star Wars nerd and have a big collection of related toys,

I live in California and enjoy very hot weather,

I adore live theater and ballet,

I live to travel, anywhere at anytime,

I enjoy traveling by plane,

I like my food very spicy,

I'm a Christian,

I'm conservative,

I'm straight,

I wear outdated (but tweaked) clothing styles,

I like old TV like The Prisoner, Star Trek, Batman, Mission: Impossible, Battlestar Galactica and Northern Exposure. (all originals, not remakes),

I love Disney stuff; movies and theme parks,

I'm into girly stuff like Disney Princesses and Fairies, American Girl, and Barbie.

I love cartoons, especially Tiny Toons, Animaniacs and MLP.


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When I was little, mt BBBFF used me as his "Chick Magnet". He didn't know I knew. Glad to be of service!


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My life is dull

I can't manage my time well, procrastinate a lot, addicted to a Lego game, and hate myself because of that

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I Study geology

I changed from studies in physics to geology

I am bisexual

I am an atheist

I am a nudist

I love hiking

I don't drink alcohol and I also don't smoke

My favorite Ponies are the Canterlot Unicorn Girls 

I like to play Magic The Gathering

I am a Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan

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I'm Asexual, atheist and procrastinator expert.

I'm always with the dog/cat/any animal there is in a party.

I NEVER make the first contact with other humans.

My stuttering and my awkwardness make a strong combo against my socialization.

I have so many stories and ideas in mind, but every time I want to draw them, they're so ugly, it made me want to stop.

OSTs are my best genre of music.

I've never smoke, drink alcohol, watch NSFW stuff for NSFW actions or even hurt an animal for pleasure (except mosquitoes, heck them).

I got 4 fractures, one at 1 year old, 3 years old, 8 years old and 10 years old.

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Ooooh great idea! :D


I'm an atheist. (Honestly, who on the internet ISN'T? :P)

My favorite color is Magenta

My favorite food is hamburgers

My favorite animal is any species of canine.

My favorite season is summer. B)

My favorite tree is the Cabbage Palm Tree.

My favorite video game is Minecraft. :twismile:

My favorite Pokemon is Empoleon. (Big surprise)

I'm 21 years old

I broke my arm when I was 8

I'm a heterosexual

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Sounds fun, I don't think I've done this thread:

  • I was born in Nashville, TN
  • I love Anime
  • I'm an artist and have sold pieces of my work
  • Some of my favourite things to draw include beautiful men (naked and clothed), Death the Kid, Ponies and colourful, detailed cupcakes and sweets
  • I've been to three different colleges
  • I used to horseback ride professionally, and have won multiple blue ribbons and never placed below 4th my entire riding career
  • I adore Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit and anything by Tolkien
  • I'm Pagan
  • Gay
  • Married
  • I now live in New York
  • I'm a Harry Potter fan and a proud Gryffindor
  • Fall/Summer are neck and neck for favourite time of the year, but I prefer heat
  • My favourite colours are, in this order: Red, Purple, Black, Gold and Pink
  • I love Victorian Style anything
  • I adore London anything, and have an affinity for the Union Jack (on jewellery, shirts etc.)
  • My heritage is German/Irish
  • I have mocha brown hair and hazel green eyes
  • Design-wise I love Fleur de Lis, black and white stripes, roses, suns, moons, stars and Saturn
  • I love alcohol and like to play bartender for all my friends at get-togethers and parties
  • Dragons are my favourite animal, next are Lions, then Horses
  • The first language I began teaching myself was Swahili
  • I speak, read and write some Japanese (though not as fluent as I used to be)
  • I've met former President Bill Clinton and shook his hand
  • I'm a Leo
  • My favourite flowers are Roses, Daisies and Sunflowers
  • Halloween is my favourite holiday
  • But Valentines Day, I absolutely adore and go batarse crazy with it, doting on my husband and friends like mad
  • I love love. I'm obsessed with romance.
  • One of my favourite quotes is: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."
  • I have been involved in Paranormal Investigation and used to belong to a small local team
  • I teach Pagan practises within a small group of 12 students/members and have been sanctioned as "High Priest" in my community.

That's all I'll do for now! But, I'll return! ; )

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If it has a set of continuous tracks, I like it. :mlp_grin:

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Alright, let's make this interesting. :ph3ar:

  • I'm missing a knuckle on my right hand, which I lost during a boxing match. 
  • I've only ever actually eaten snake ONCE in my life.
  • I have a pet doggo.
  • I really enjoy weightlifting.
  • I almost enrolled in the marines after leaving High School.
  • I'm Agnostic.
  • I'm a big film fan.
  • I enjoy creating digital art, and occasionally tinkering and experimenting with Photoshop. 
  • I enjoy metal/woodworking.
  • I do occasionally smoke and drink alcohol.
  • I'm hoping to see as much of the world as I can before I kick the bucket.


Well, then, I'd say that's pretty much it! Although, I suppose I should end on a high note...

  • I can burp on command.

There we go, sorted. :laugh:


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I’m an animal lover

I love all genres of music, especially country. 

I love pickup trucks especially the 2nd gen and 3rd gen Dodge Ram. (The truck I currently own is a ‘96 Ram 1500) 

I have two pet rabbits 

Applejack and Rainbow Dash are my favorite ponies. 

I have over 2500 subscribers on my YouTube channel. 

I live in north Florida.

I may or may not add more here later idk. 


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I think I already posted here, but whatever.


  • I'm 21 years old
  • I'm gay (a male who likes other males only, I note this because of the next fact) 
  • I identify as a non-binary gender (though I accept pronouns referring to both binary genders)
  • I was born in Seattle, Washington, and moved to Texas when I was 11. Still identify as a WashingtonIan though :P
  • I have a scar on my right middle finger, from a rat bite. The rat was a pet bought from a store of ill repute, that was not tamed. :dry:
  • I am most definitely a Pixar fan. :)
  • I am also most definitely a fan of Star Trek, especially TNG.
  • I'm a gamer. Among my favorite games are the Pokémon and Borderlands games.
  • I'm developing my own tabletop game. It has similarities to Heroclix and is inspired primarily by Paladins: Champions of the Realm. :twi:


More to come. :twismile:

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- I apparently look like an elementary kid because of my face and height despite being a college student 

- My shoulders hurt very easily when I draw for too long

- I like sparkly things 

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  • I have serious issues with social anxiety. That among a lot of other things make me suspect I may be autistic.
  • I'm an agnostic atheist. I believe it's possible I'm wrong, but I think there are no gods.
  • On the note of gaming, I'm thinking about becoming a Twitch streamer down the road.
  • I like listening to video game music, though I also have recently taken a liking to electronic music :)
  • Among my favorite quotes are "be yourself, everyone else is already taken" and "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." You may be able to glean my philosophy from that. 
  • I do not smoke or drink, by choice. I think it's a good choice ultimately. :twismile: 
  • My dad has 9 dogs, and they're all insane... :blink:
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Here's my long and ultimate list about myself




  • Brohoof 1
  • Laugh 1

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