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Howdy everypony! :D


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Hi! My name is Mathias I'm 15 years old and I live in the cold nordic land called Sweden. I started to watch MLP:FiM about 1 month ago, before that I didn't know MLP existed! And now i know almost everything of it! :) I started to watch my little pony because one of my friends in school said he was going to watch my little pony on his cellphone, first I did not believe my ears. But then his cellphone's battery died and he went like "OH NOOOO NOT NOOW!!!!" And I wanted to be a good friend so I said he could watch it on my phone so he typed in "my little pony friendship is magic season 1 episode 6" on youtube and of course I watched the episode too, just see what it was and because it was my phone and I didn't want him to read my messages or something like that. First I was like WTF is this, why is he watching this. And after that episode I went OMG! This is so awesome! :D And when I came home after school I started to wtach some episodes, I think I it was the 7 first episodes. Now, I can't even sleep without watching an episode, so I have seen all the episodes about 6 times now. And I can sing 4 songs by heart, my personal favorite is winter wrap-up. And if I have to choose a favorite pony, I have to choose Pinkie Pie, because she reminds me a little about myself, always happy and laughing at everything and ofc, we are both random ;). I even have a Pinkie Pie doll! :D.

But that was probably all I had to say.





Ps. I used google translate with some of the sentences so the spelling may be wrong but I used my own knowledge of English too, so it may me wrong anyway, lol :lol:.

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