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Hello, everypony!


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Hi, I'm D1st0rtedFate. (You can abbreviate that however you like.) Anyway, I've had this place saved to my favorites for maybe 3-5 months now, and have finally decided to join the herd! I haven't been on a forum in a while, so I'm glad to be back on one. In any case, I like to draw and make music, personal best pony is Pinkie Pie (,background pony is Vinyl Scratch or Lyra), and I love gaming and visual media.(I'm actually currently learning Java; hopefully I'm en route to make a pony game. :D) If you see a D1st0rtedFate, or even a distortedfate, on any other website, it's probably me. And I think that's a good introduction. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful forum relationship. :3

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personal best pony is Pinkie Pie


Now this guy knows which pony is best pony! Welcome to the forums D1st0rtedFate!

I'm sure you'll love your time here.

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