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1st base of Drum 'n Bass

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Hai everypony,


I have started this topic because I need some help. I am a huge fan of Drum 'n Bass and I really want to be able to create my own because my head is exploding with ideas.


Here's the problem; I have absolutely no clue where to start...


I know of some software other producers like TheLivingTombstone, Alex S. etc. use, but I don't know the details. A friend and I are thinking of some sort of rock/metal mixed with some nice heavy bassline DnB. He knows how to play guitar, but I know nothing of making electronic music whatsoever.


Could you please give me some tips as to where I could start?


Here, have a cider for any stuff you guys can come up with ;)

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There are a zillion different programs you could go with, such as Cubase, Logic, Reason, FL Studio, etc. In my opinion, FL Studio is the way to go, hands down.


The reason? With Cubase (and all of the other programs out there), you'll have to drop $600-700 into the current version (6), and have to drop another $600-700 into it once the next version comes out.


But with FL Studio, whatever version you buy now, you get the updated version free forever. (So if you buy the Producer Edition 10 right now, you'll get Producer 11, Producer 12, etc. free when they come out.) Even better, FL costs about half as much as the other programs.


Express: $49 (<--Don't buy the express version. I'm just posting it here for info.)

Fruity Edition: $99

Producer Edition: $199

Signature Bundle: $299


The Express might be a good product (I'm not sure), but it lacks some of the features that make FL Studio a great music synthesis program.


Anyhow, I can help answer other questions if you want, but that's just my opinion on a good program to start with.

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