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How Do You Talk?  

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  1. 1. Do You Have An Accent?

    • Yes: British
    • Yes: Australian
    • Yes: Southern
    • Yes: New Jersey
    • Yes: Irish
    • Yes: Russian
    • Yes: Other
    • No, I Do Not Have An Accent
  2. 2. Do You Have A Speech Impediment?

    • Yes: I Can't Say R's Right Sometimes
    • Yes: I Can't Say S's Right Sometimes
    • Yes: I Can't Say TH's Right Sometimes
    • Yes: I Have A Speech Impediment Like Spagatta Nadle. I Sometimes Switch The Vowel In A Word With A Different Vowel
    • Yes: Other
    • No, I Do Not Have A Speech Impediment
  3. 3. Do You Often Digress With Conversations?

    • Yes: I Usually Can't Stay On Topic
    • Kind Of: Sometimes I Digress, But Sometimes I Don't
    • No: I Never Go Off Topic No Matter What The Case

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7 hours ago, TomDaBombMLP said:

I struggle with social skills a lot of the time. It's not a problem here anymore because I've been on it long enough to know how to talk to everypony but in real life, I tend to struggle with shyness and awkwardness. I'm essentially Peter Parker. :Daydreaming:

I was the same! But my time online and the experiences helped to improve in real life as well. :) It might take some time, but you will get there eventually. :kindness:

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Once I start talking I often rev up to a high speed and try to get out too many words at once. Then I start to trip over the words and stammer. If I get tired I stutter or get so tongue-tied I can barely communicate. When I’m at my normal, level best, I have a medium-high register and sound a little bit like a cartoon character or someone reciting lines with feeling. What you get depends on the circumstances. I don’t have any discernable accent that I’m conscious of.

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In person, I couldn't help it but talk professionally as if you're talking to a brick wall. I'm not good at holding conversations. However, when it comes to here, like media or text-- depending on the person I'm more fun to talk to and less professional. 

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Topic reminds me of this love song:

Wonderful except the message, you should rather be quiet my love >_>


Oh, yea, I talk too.

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I usually speak a little more on the quiet side and sometimes a bit too fast, but I'm working on that. I have an Australian accent, but I've had a few people say that I sound more British for some reason. Also, I go on tangents all the time. It's like my secret power or something. :please:

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I've had people tell me I have a "radio voice."  That was back when I was doing little broadcasts in Second Life. 

I've also been told when I get angry or upset, my New England accent comes out, but for the most part I don't have an accent when I speak.

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