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SCENARIO: You run into all the MLP Villians robbing the supermarket.

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I'd pull out a handgun, pump some Time Crisis 4 music through the store's speakers from my iPhone, and prepare for the fight of my life. All that would be missing is someone to yell at the top of their lungs "ACTION!" to start it off.


I'd kill all of them except for Trixie, because she isn't all bad, and I could probably talk some sense into her. Heh, yeah, that's it, "talk" some sense into her.

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What would I do?  Well, don my cape and cowl, whip out my muffin cannon (yes, I have a muffin cannon... which is the best kind of cannon of course!!!), and kick some flank seven different kinds of ways into next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!  That's how the Derp Knight rolls ya'll!!!!!  Evildoers beware!!!!!!!!!!!! angry.png



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I'd narrow my focus onto Trixie and do everything in my power to stop her and apprehend her. The others can do what they please. At least Trixie isn't powerful enough to break out of prison.

And if she's still wearing the Alicorn Amulet?


Anyway, as for me, it completely depends.


Scenario 1: They are robbing because of "evil instincts" to cause harn and such, but they just came into the earth. Should I try to stop them, I would try to cause the typical fight on who is the leader of the group, which would probably start a fight that would destroy a few places, but at least give me time enough to call whatever the hell can stop them that means POWER, or find a scientist capable of making a transdimensional portal to Equestria. Or wait until the folks back in Equestria realize that the villains have gone to another world, and Celestia and co. comes here to stop them.


Scenario 2: They are robbing because they don't know what to do, and might as well show them around the place. AKA I'd try to gain their trust somehow and start helping them out on getting around Earth. maybe even use their powers to actually help out people insted of causing total chaos, like Discord and chocolate rain as ways to soil earth AND give food, Chrysalis and her swarm to go around on shows making people imitations and probably earning lots of money with those, Trixie send her to Las Vegas as well as, whether they like it or not, she IS good with magic tricks and she rise to star very quickly, very fast, send Sombra to some important mining company as I'm sure that dark crystals would probably rate A LOT in the mineral market, and and then Nightmare Moon send her to places where the sun is starting to become a problem and people would enjoy nothing more than moonlight and less heat.


Scenario 3: While they are robbing Discord discords me and makes me help them out on evil deeds. In which case, I would send Queen Chrysalis where there is more love and happiness that can feed on (Disneyworld?laugh.png ), send Discord to London and Paris so he wreck chaos in two of the most "ordered and non-chaotic" places in the world, relatively speaking, then send Nightmare Moon to some place around the Equator (probably Quito, Equador) so she can enjoy bringing night to one of the most sun lighted places in the world, send Sombra to Africa as there are lots of people in very little space that he could enjoy slaving around and such, and I'd send Trixie to some place with lots of trick related things like Las Vegas that she could then close the city and have the place for herself and herself alone.


Triggering my evil mind...it feels bad.ph34r.png


Scenario 4: I go completely insane thinking they can't be real and I go on my merry way to elsewhere.


Scenario 5: I faint and pass out (This is probably the most prone to happenlaugh.png ).

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I'd dive into the potato chips and wait for them to leave. Then, when the cops atrive, I tell them everything, but they think I'm crazy and they send me to the insane asylum.


Yup, potato chips.

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I would question if what I was seeing was real, then after confirming that they are real, I would ask for autographs and pictures of them. and ask if I could go back to Equestria with them.

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I'd ask them to throw me a Diet Pepsi and a bag of chips. Then I'd leave (after telling Discord and Chrysalis how awesome they were) and pretend I saw nothing out of the usual.

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Step 1: Sucker punch Trixie then bury her in an avalanche of soup cans. 

Step 2: Laugh at Sombra and kick him until he gives up. 

Step 3: Ignore Chrysalis entirely, I don't like bugs so I'm not going near her. 

Step 4: Toss a few random food items at Discord just for the hell of it.

Step 5: Attempt to hug Nightmare Moon, and most likely get vaporized in the process.

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