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Singer/Songwriter here to Share a Pony Tune or Two


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Well hello there everypony! :D

In recent date, I have noticed that there really are not many female pony musicians and since I write songs regularly, I have decided to take on the challenge and I love what has come from it!

Also, the majority of Pony songs are electronic or rock and since I tend not to write either (although my boy friend does do electronic pony music, his name on youtube is OfficialFacade, and I have written lyrics for some of his pony songs that are at a WIP stage) I thought that my singer song writer style would be a bit different and so far people agree which I really appreciate. So bottom line, here it is!



Here are the lyrics:

Oh Spike,

I need you now,

But you gave to Rarity,

Your heart I found.


Oh Spike,

Where are we now,

I'm lost with out my best friend

All I know are frowns


From the moment of your birth

I've been right by your side

Your the only one who's stuck beside me

When I closed up in my mind


You've never left me so alone

But today I saw that you were gone

And though I smiled right at you

You know I went and cried


I guess I've got the others

The elements of harmony

I'll be alright with them at my side

But you still broke a part of me


I'll find a way to win you back

You're all I want and thats a fact

Rarity is good for now

But I'm not gonna just lay down


Thank you so much to anyone who listens <3

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It's a nice little tune. Perhaps I can maybe orchestrate it for you?


In terms of your vocals, you may need to sing a tad louder, some of your notes are quite flat. It does seem that you're comfortable singing in D major, since the majority of this song is within alto range. 

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