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Vinly Note

Crystal Lust (Grimdark- Not clompfic!)

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I loved the crystal Ponies episode and wanted to write a grimdark for it so I hope you enjoy. This is my first fanfic so please keep that in mind! Thanks! And enjoy the story! Each Chapter is broken into 3 posts per chapter!


Warning!: Contains Grimdark! If you don't know what that is, It's best you stay away. Contains pony murder and torture! You have been warned, I am not responsible for you stabbing your eyeballs!


Crystal Lust


When Rarity herd about the crystal ponies, she had to follow twilight on the trip to the Crystal Palace! Even tho Celestia told them all elements of harmony had to go, she would have gone anyways. The fact that she was standing in the throne room; the wall covered in every gem imaginable! She almost lost her mind just staring a the throne, covered in red sapphires, the seat made of clear glass.


"This is the most amazing palace! I wonder how many gems it took to build this place!" she said, her eyes exploring the room.


She trotted over to a old bookshelf that surrounded the room. She looked at the jewels that allied the the bookshelf; diamonds. Her favorite. She examined them carefully trying to find out what carrot. As she was, a book fell off the shelf.


"Hmm... What's this?" she said as she turned her head to look at the opened page.


The book was on crystal pony biology and the chapter was on how the ponies got their shine. The page went into detail on how the ponies heart contains a rare diamond that takes red blood cells and crystallizes them; giving the ponies their shiny body. Rarity was stunned! To know that the crystal ponies were the same as her, but the only difference being a diamond in their heart!


"Hey Rarity!" Rarity jumped in fear to find her friend Pinkie pie watching her "What cha' doing?"


"Um.. Nothing!" said the startled mare trying to hide the book from her friend


"Well, twilight needs us in the main room. Said we could save the crystal ponies with a book she found!"


"Sound delightful." said Rarity following Pinkie Pie, who began bouncing up and down to the next room.


Rarity took one last glance over her solder at the book. What she would do to be as beautiful as the crystal ponies. The better question was, what wouldn't she do?


End of chapter 1 Part 1


Written by: Jimmy Wade


Side note: Please don't steal this story, I am working really hard on it.

Edited by Vinly Note

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I think that this story is going to turn out great, just reading this first part got me hooked in, now I can't wait to read the rest

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Crystal Lust


Chapter 1:2


Rarity followed the pink pony to the main room where the Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Apple Jack were standing around huge round table.


"Where's Twilight?" Pinkie Pie asked Apple Jack, who only shrugged and returned to worrying about she could help the crystal ponies out.


"Well I'm sorry to be awkward, but I have to use the little fillies room. Does anypony know where there is one?" ask Rarity


"I saw one when we first got here!" Said Pinkie "Straight up the stairs, make a right, then go three doors down then make a left, then go up 4 stories and its right next to the throne room!"


"Couldn't you just say it was next to the throne room?" said Apple Jack


"Oh ya! Duh!" Pinkie said hitting her hoof on her head "Silly me!"


All the ponies laughed for a moment. And when they opened their eyes, Rarity was gone. Rarity made her way back to the throne room and walked past it. She couldn't help herself, she had to see that book again.


"Ugh Rarity! Your acting just like Twilight! It's just a book!" She said to herself as she walked back to head downstairs.


Rarity stopped and turned around just as she reached the door to the room.


"Well, just one more look won't hurt I guess..." she said as she approached the book.


The book was opened to the same page as before. Rarity already knew everything on the page so she turned the page and saw a questioned and answers page. Rarity's heart stopped when she read one of the questions. 'Can a normal pony turn into a crystal pony?'. She quickly darted her eyes to the answer.


"What!" she said "How can this be!"


End of chapter 1:2

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Lol very interesting bro. I already know whats going to happen though. :D


The story is good, plot (not that plot) is good, and I can't wait to read the rest. :P

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Omg i've been away for a while! O-O

Don't worry, the end of the first chapter will be posted this week.

Again, this is a long story and will take a while. I am not editing it in a google doc yet until the final product is done. If y'all want, you can friend me and will message you when a new section comes out. :D

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