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Fan Fiction Mirror Image: A Human in Equestria


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Mirror Image

The anime convention was a blast! The gang was meeting at a tavern in the lobby. Brian stayed late to catch a sneak preview of MLP Season 3, and now he had to hurry. Taking a short cut through the Dealer’s room, Brian stopped dead in his tracks.

Here was something he had not seen before. A table had a single unicorn horn for sale. It was blue, about a foot long, and looked organic. It was heavier than he expected, definitely not plastic. Brian was not an impulse buyer, but there was something about this horn, something significant. Twenty bucks later, Brian again was dashing to the bar, his prize clutched in his hand. The gang would never believe this!

At the elevator, three people stepped on board with him. A woman in blue robes and light blue hair, and two guys in t-shirts with unicorn horns on their foreheads.

The woman pushed the Stop button. “I believe you have something of mine.”

Brian knew right away what she was talking about. The guys looked angry.
“Are you talking about the horn?”

“It was stolen from me.”

Brian handed it over, it did match her outfit. “Sorry, I didn’t know. But can you guys tell me what table is selling these? I’ve always wanted one!”

The woman touched the horn to her head. It stuck there. “Always wanted one? I can arrange that, Brony.” She made the name sound like an insult.

The guys laughed. The woman’s horn glowed. Brian was overwhelmed by a sense that something was very wrong. The lights in the elevator flickered, and went black. Brian screamed.
In the lobby, the elevator doors opened. It was empty.

Brian groaned. He had a killer headache. He was laying on a soft bed of grass surrounded by trees.
“Those guys musta been really mad.” Brian staggered to his feet, leaning against a tree. “They didn’t have to hit me.”

Looking around Brian was in some sort of park. The grass was uncut but it wasn’t very high. Trees of every sort sprouted up around him. He had always liked trees. Brian majored in botany for two years before dropping out to become a tree surgeon. He could only recognize about three species, the rest in this park-like forest were completely new.

There was a small brook babbling nearby, and what looked like a beaver dam. Brian headed for the brook, stumbling a few times and bent his head to drink.

Wait. Something’s wrong. He never bent his head to drink. Brian went to cup his hand, but it wasn’t there. He couldn’t feel his hands! No. No. No! Those guys didn’t cut off his arms, did they? He gave back the dang horn.

He ran to the pond. Hoofbeats. He stopped, and looked around. There were no horses here.

A deep dread filled his racing heart. Brian slowly moved to the pond and peered in. The shock hit him like a sledge hammer. Another face looked back at him. The eyes were very human, as was his expression of horror…but the face wasn’t human at all. It was a mix of human and equine features. Tearing his gaze away, Brian looked behind himself. His body kept going. He didn’t lose his hands, they were legs, he had hooves! He ran back to the first tree. His clothes were scattered like they were flung away.

Brian stood trembling for a moment, and fainted.

Again, Brian groaned awake. Memory rushed back. He opened his eyes and looked at his hands, forelegs, whatever. He had a very short, fine golden coat. His hooves were black, but obscured by long golden hair like a Clydesdale. The effect looked like bellbottoms.

He got up again. “Now is not the time to panic.” He said aloud, more to hear his voice than anything else. His voice sounded normal at least. He walked back to the pond.
Mental checklist: This could be a dream. But if that were the case he probably wouldn’t be considering this was a dream.

OK. If not a dream, then could this be a hallucination? He had never seen things before. There was no history of mental illness in his family. He had never taken drugs. ---In short there was no reason he could not disbelieve what he was seeing.

So what if this is really happening? He could talk, he had heard himself speak. Could it be so bad?
Looking into the pond, his head though elongated, was very human looking. Brian made faces at his reflection. What looked back could make every expression a human could make. He was a tawny gold in color, and his mane and tail were fiery red.

Brian started. He had a horn. A unicorn’s horn. Now it all came back to him. The people in the elevator, they had horns too! The woman’s horn stuck to her head. The last word’s he remembered was her taunt, “Always wanted one? I can arrange that, Brony.”

He sat down. He was a pony. A unicorn pony. He couldn’t identify the trees because he wasn’t in Kansas anymore. His head began to swim, and Brian closed his eyes. Focus, he thought.
In the cartoon, unicorns had telekinesis. OK, let’s give it a whirl. With a little concentration, Brian sent a small rock flying across the pond. Another rock floated before his eyes. He set it to orbit around his head and looked into the pond. His horn glowed a soft golden hue..

Brian was ecstatic. Telekinesis meant he had hands again. When he tried to lift logs and small boulders, the weight was too much. It seemed his TK strength was about the same as his human strength. Trotting back to his clothing, he telekinetically gathered his belongings. Using shoelaces he tied the feet of his pants shut and used them as a pair of saddle bags. He made a quick inventory: Tennis shoes, keys, a handful of coins, his wallet, ID and money, his shirt, underwear, Convention badge, and his glasses. Brian looked through his glasses. The world was distorted. His pony eyes were apparently 20/20. OK, he packed the glasses away (possible fire making equipment).

It seemed possible that this world was Equestria. The clues seemed to add up to it. But with alternate dimensions and sci-fi rubber science, there was no real telling where he was. For all he knew, this world could have only unicorns, or worse: he would be the only one.

“Why, oh why didn’t I piss off someone in a hentai video?!!” That thought suddenly alarmed him. All the main characters in My Little Pony were…girls. He lowered his head and checked. Brian sighed with relief. He was a stallion after all.

But he noticed something else, he had no cutie mark. Brian shrugged. He had TK with fine control; he had everything he needed to survive. Vanity could wait, and he wasn’t even sure such things existed on this world.

Now he was hungry. Ravenous. What did ponies eat? Brian looked around. It was getting dark. There was lots of grass. Back home, horses could eat all sorts of veggies, in the cartoon he remembered seeing apples, lots of apples. No such obvious foods here.

Lowering his head, he ate a mouthful of grass. Bland and tasteless. Still it filled him up. He felt odd grazing liked this, but his father told him years ago, “Life will never be fair. You must live with the hand you’ve been dealt with.” Right now, grass is what’s for supper. Brian ate and drank deeply from the brook.

Distant thunder brought his head up. Ominous clouds loomed on the horizon. Brian sought shelter under the very tree he woke up under. It seemed to have the thickest canopy. Brian just wished he could make the tree waterproof.

In the waning light of the sun, he never noticed his horn was glowing . The leaves rustled in the rush of wind. Brian never noticed the branches moving overhead, coming together, and lowering towards him. Huddled on the leeward side of the tree, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Brian never noticed the Pegasi soaring overhead, herding the clouds.

Morning. Brian woke up a third time in this new world and the light was green. He yawned and took a moment to focus. He was in a tent made of leaves! Wide interlocking leaves overhead with emerald chains hung to either side.

The tree had moved! This shouldn’t be happening! His horn glowed gold for a moment and the branches rose, the leaves separated, the tree returned to normal. “Did I do that?”

Brian’s mind raced. He was a tree doctor. In the cartoon, every unicorn had a special magic talent. Was his talent something to do with trees? Could he make them move?

Brian looked at the tree. The branches moved about sending panicked birds in all directions. Was that magic or his telekinesis?

After a long drink at the brook, Brian decided it was time to find other people, er, ponies. He would have to get used talking like the toon if he was going to fit in. That is, assuming the locals spoke English.
Still Brian wanted to try something. One of the trees he recognized was a walnut tree. Trotting up, he examined at the tree closely. Everything looked like an Earthly walnut tree.

He gently touched his horn to the tree and closed his eyes. He could feel the sap moving, the roots digging, the leaves stretching towards the sun. Brian stepped back in awe.

His eyes narrowed. He focused. The tree shuddered, and the leaves rustled with a nonexistent wind. Flowers burst from every branch, opening in an instant. The tree was pink with flowers. Again, Brian’s horn glowed. A shower of pedals caught the wind as the flowers closed and dropped. Swelling seedpods grew and matured in an instant. A branch lowered gracefully before him, offering a hundred walnuts, even cracking them open.

Munching on fresh walnuts, Brian began to ponder the possibilities. He may not get rich, but he had a livelihood. What else could he do? Maybe it wasn’t just trees.

He turned and tried to make the grass grow taller. Nothing. He thought of carrots, strawberries, apples, potatoes. No plant seemed to respond. Hmmm. Better pack some walnuts for wherever I’m headed, he thought.

Turning back to the tree, his jaw hit the floor. Suspended from the branches were carrots, strawberries, apples and potatoes. Stumbling backwards Brian sat down in stunned disbelief. It took him several minutes to telekinetically pick a strawberry from the tree. He closed his eyes and took a bite. It was the sweetest strawberry he ever ate.

The tree lowered its branches. Brian ate one of everything. After last night’s dinner, this was wonderful. It made no sense, it was illogical, but it was ”magic.” Brian had stumbled upon his magic talent. Maybe this was his new body adapting to the rules of this world, making up for lost time.

On the other side of the brook was a dying tree. The leaves yellow with disease. Touching his horn to the tree, he sent the roots deeper, tapping into a source of water. He increased the flow of sap. He could feel the roots spreading out, the new growth feeding from his magical energy. With a crack, the diseased parts of the tree sloughed off, dead branches fell, the gaping wounds closed, and healed over. New limbs burst forth and leaves unrolled to catch the sun.

Standing back, Brian gazed up at a new healthy tree. It was beautiful. This is what I want to do, he thought. The effort had exhausted him, but on two worlds’ now: this was his calling.

He felt a little feathery tickle on his flank. Turning he saw the image of a tree. He had his mark! No matter what the future held in store, Brian would fit in.

Brian decided to call his new ability, “tree-shaping.” He had a million ideas he wanted to try out, but that could wait. It was important to find other people, um ponies. But where to start? He was in the middle of what appeared to be a nice manicured wilderness. Without roads, the only thing he had to follow was the brook. On Earth, people built settlements by water, wherever the brook was headed that was good enough for him.

It wasn’t quite noon yet, but he took the time to make one more thing: a marker. Trotting up to the very first tree he slept under, he split the bark, and formed a protective woody callous. Words engraved themselves in the wood. “I am Brian Theodore Wilson. I am a human from Earth. On September 3rd 2012, I crossed over from my world, and took the body of a pony. I did not come willingly, but I come in peace. This very spot is where I first took a step (or hoof) into this new world. I bring greetings from the people of Earth, and the 2012 Anime Convention in Minneapolis.“ Pressing his convention badge against the woody bur, he had the wood grow around the plastic badge framing it. Brian figured this little memorial would last for a couple of centuries.

With the sun at high noon, Brian set out, following a babbling brook.

The land was gentle. Perfect grazing country, but he saw no deer or large animals. Small animals abounded, and all were earthly varieties. The birds were a myriad of colors, many of these Brian had never seen before. All of these creatures could have been lifted right out of the show. And that got Brian thinking.

What really did the show reveal about Equestria? As a children’s show all death and pain would be removed. And the technology was a hodgepodge of styles: from typical fantasy, to turn of the century Manehatten, the Mild West, and the ultra 21st century fashion world. To Brian, the technology presented in the toon was just a tool to tell a story. The real Equestria may be very different.

It did show the ponies had created a sophisticated environment for themselves with total control of the weather, cloud cities, even control over the sun and the moon. Magic and technology made for an interesting mix.

The sun was sinking in the west when Brian came upon a dirt road. A stone bridge crossed the brook. The rains had muddied the road, but Brian did not care. No matter what direction he traveled, it would lead somewhere. Crossing the bridge, Brian galloped as fast as he could.

It felt good to run like this, to just let go and race the wind. Having four legs gave him stability and grace he never had before. This body was made to run!

The road led into a deep forest. The trees crowded together. The canopy of leaves arched overhead and the road passed into deep shadow. Brian slowed and stopped. He was not alone. Something blocked the road. It was big, blacker than the shadow. A black head turned. Red eyes glowered at him.
Brian thought quickly. He didn’t have any weapons, or offensive magic. But he did have years of science fiction films to draw upon. Retreating he bumped into a tree. He could feel the slow pulse of life. Brian sent roots racing ahead, intertwining with other roots, connecting tree to tree.

Light flickered in the leaves as bio-luminescence awoke, and the forest lit up like a Christmas tree. The creature arose, looking at the leaves. Brian stared as the light grew. The creature unfolded black wings. A scorpion’s tail reared overhead dripping green ichor from a massive stinger. Brian gulped. It was a manticore.

The beast, gave a low growl and advanced. Brian dropped tree limbs, but the manticore dodged. Razor sharp leaves fell like daggers. The beast bounded ahead. Brian retreated trying to keep the trees between them. The manticore was agile and fast. In desperation, Brian threw up tree roots everywhere. The manticore stumbled and fell.

That’s it! Brian understood. The earth heaved as roots broke free to grasp at the monster. It roared in frustration as roots entwined themselves around its legs. Writhing like tentacles , roots erupted from the ground and fell upon the struggling beast, wrapping around its torso and neck.
Brian approached. “Can you understand me?”

The beast bared its fangs and growled.

“If this is the world I think it is, the rules are different. Do you think? Speak to me; tell me you are not an animal.”

The manticore struggled mightily. Its paw shattered the root holding it. It leered at Brian in what appeared to be triumph. A dozen roots lashed out to reinforce his hold. Brian stepped closer. The stinger strained against its bonds.

“If you are an animal, I am going to kill you.”Brian looked the monster in the eye, trying not to look afraid.
“If you are sentient, intelligent like me, I will attempt to reason with you. In neither case will I allow you to hunt ponies or any other sentient creatures.”

The manticore roared, slavered and struggled in vain.

“I’m sorry then. “ Brian tightened his hold around the torso. He winced as the wing bones snapped. The manticore glared at him defiantly.

There was a great crack as the ground opened up. Seeing its fate, the beast struggled in vain, giving Brian a look of unrestrained hate. More woody tendrils reached up to drag it underground. Brian buried the manticore as deep as he could, entombed in a thick knot of massive roots.

Brian cleared the road of fallen limbs. The leaves surprised him, they were no longer sharp, but dried and brittle. He left no sign of the battle. Exhausted, he continued on fearful that the noise might attract another large predator.

Brian traveled long into the night. He didn’t want to sleep in the forest. Several times he was forced to hide as something large lumbered through the trees ahead. He wondered if this road passed through or close to the Everfree forest.

At last the trees thinned and gave way to a grassy plain. The moon was full and bright enough to travel. Brian took advantage and galloped at full speed. He wanted as much distance between himself and the forest as possible. He ran until he could run no more. Fearful of sleeping in the open (manticores have wings), Brian slept under a patch of thorny bushes.

It was mid morning when Brian awoke. He was hungry but didn’t eat. Climbing a hill he scanned about. The road climbed out of the savannah into another lightly wooded parkland…and smoke! Columns of smoke rose into the sky! He had found civilization at last!

Slinging his makeshift saddlebags over his shoulders, he cantered towards his destiny. Now he was apprehensive about making contact. The show presented the ponies with all the frailties of humanity. How would they react to an...alien? Brian decided to hide his past, at least at first. That meant using a pony name.

End of chapter one.


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I LOVE this piece! Its a Commission from fellow MLP pony Zonra. Its a scene from my fan fic below.


You can download it from Zonra's gallery here: http://zonra.deviantart.com/art/Silverhoof-Commission-282133719

or from my gallery (in my profile). BUT. You really want to check out Zonra's gallery, cause its pretty freakin awesome!


New chapter coming up, I just wanted to add this as an illustration

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Just one little nitpick:




It wasn’t quite noon yet, but he took the time to make one more thing: a marker. Trotting up to the very first tree he slept under, he split the bark, and formed a protective woody callous. Words engraved themselves in the wood. “I am Brian Theodore Wilson. I am a human from Earth. On f September 3rd 2012, I crossed over from my world, and took the body of a pony. I did not come willingly, but I come in peace. This very spot is where I first took a step (or hoof) into this new world. I bring greetings from the people of Earth, and the 2011 Animie Convention in Minneapolis.“


Otherwise, I think it's pretty well-done so far.  Now I'm curious to find out who the menacing-sounding unicorn is, why she left her horn where someone else could sell it, and what her evil (?) plan is. :)

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