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You got swallowed by the above user's avatar, your reaction?

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So here's the situation,   You are now smaller than the avatar of the person above you and you accidentally get swallowed by that user's avatar and yet you're not being digested     What would yo

I guess this is what happens when I don't post in the RP.

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hmmm... I might move some of the furniture... *your heart stopps*


Don't let me out...

keep me in here...


I want to stay here..

for a little bit...

to relax..



this just makes you even cuter :P
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>inside a person barely knowns

>kinda like it


>should stop using "free text"

>inb4 people says im from 4chan (im not!)

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I really want to post, but at the same time I don't (Oh, wait)

Seriously though, this was just a joke, pretend this post doesn't exist

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In an Endless Storm of being eaten...


I am perfectly fine with this


It's like a constant water slide :D

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Never understood this topic. Then again I don't understand vore in general.


Be confused as to how a pixealted image could swallow me whole.



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