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uhm...hai :D


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Hello everypony! :D


My boyfriend NoobsNoodle here told me to join the herd :D


uh..time to tell everyone who i am? .__.

I am a kind of shy and quiet person..well..I'm JUST like Fluttershy...I think that is the only thing I need to say..xD..I really love animals and taking care of them, but my favourite animal is wolf <3 IF YOU DON'T KNOW THAT I ADORE WOLVES, YOU HAVE'NT NOTHING TO DO WITH ME :L so put that in mind.......anyway, i like to draw animals and PONIES OFC, and chat with NoobsNoodle....He's my only friend...*forever alone*...but I hoping that I find friends here :] My favourite ponies are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash(I got my username from there xD)




(lol I'm so sorry for my awful english...but I'm trying my best and I hope you can understand me D:)



I want to tell everypony one more thing....I'ts so many who have asked me witch gender I am on many other forums...I don't like when people asking me that because im intergender and I want to hold my biological gender secret..I think it's best to tell this before anyone start asking..so please can you guys respect this and don't asking that? pretty please?? *cute fluttershy-face*

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Welcome to our family :)

I'd love to me your friend sweetie,

and of course,

most ponies are respectful here,

if anyone is giving you trouble about your gender, or harassing you

feel free to let our admin know :)

we don't tolerate that on here :) ~

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oh, I love RD and Fluttershy 2! :33

aw, don't worry. you won't be forever alone here, silly x3 if ya ever wanna talk to meh - feel free to PM meh and add as friends. I don't bite lol :'D

and yah, hope you enjoy your stay.

P.S. your English is rly good! tell ya as an English teacher, who I was some years ago x333


take care.~ ;)

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