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Hello, my fellow bronies and pegasisters


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Hello and welcome to the forums! Since you said you're new to the series, have you watched every released episode?

And also, who's best pony? Well I bet you'll love your stay here. Feel free to add me as friend or ask me about anything you want to know. See you around!

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Welcome to MLP Forums, enjoy your stay here!



A little information about MLP Forums:


Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie. This is MLP Forums. Hope who have a swell time and have lots of fun!

Things you should know about MLP Forums is that you must not give your password out! It's dangerous!

Second, be nice to other bronies around you. Don't be shy, make some friends!

Third, there is Profile Feed on your profile. It's there becuase other bronies can chat on your profile.

Fourth, there is the Gallery. You can show off your drawings or creations with it!

Finally, there's Chat. Chat with bronies! It's there to just relax and chill! :)




Dearest Welcoming,

Pinkie Pie.


PS: Try a muffin with icing on it!~

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