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A New Pony (Chapter 1)

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One upon a time, there was a pony named Mustic Wonderbottom. Mustic loved music, in fact, her friends even called her "Music" Mustic. Mustic was so fond of music that every second she had free time all she did was make songs with Vinyl and her other friends if she could. Once she even spent a week making just a 2 min. song. But one day the six mane pony's were gone on vacation whilst evil invaded ponyville. The queens were captured and couldn't send for Twilight and her friends for help so Mustic and Vinyl had to stand in their places. And sense the threat wasn't powerful enough for the Elements of Harmony to be the only weapon to stop it, they could defeat the evil while, at the same time, not ruining Twilight and her friends much needed vacation. The evil treat was once well known and loved prince named Nevero who was once also a great, great inventor. Then one day he tried to create a muffin that was any flavor you wanted it to be plus every time somepony took a bite out of it, it almost immediately regenerated itself so that it could last forever. But sadly, it failed. So he tried again and again, fail after fail, then finally, he had it. Then he showed it to the princess, who sadly turned it down for a reason she did not tell him. Mad at her he spent days trying to find out why she turned down his amazing creation. So after weeks of pacing and perfecting, he showed it to Celestia again, but with the same reaction. Then Nevero got furious, livid even. He demanded to know why his muffin was so unappealing to her. So Celesita told him that it was because of the main ingredient which was black magic. Then she banished Nevero a desert near Saddlearabia. Nevero, still mad, asked if she knew what the main ingredient was, why didn't she banish him before. She said it's because she favored him so and knew that he was smart enough to figure it out for himself, but after not recognizing it a second time, she was forced to banish him. And now, after several years, he has returned to seek his revenge on all of Equestria. And now it's time for Mustic and Vinyl to save all of Equestria.


Chapter 2 out soon

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