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This does a great job of showing what it's like to have siblings, aside from one pretty big aspect. The entire episode is about how Rarity is wrong in how she treats Sweetie Belle, which is true. Rarity didn't handle things right, but the episode also should've had Sweetie Belle learn to be less of a klutz. She burns breakfast, messes up Rarity's room, and uses Rarity's gems and Rarity is put in the wrong. While Rarity didn't handle the situations well, the episode never calls out Sweetie Belle for making these mistakes in the first place, regardless of her good intentions. It makes the episode incomplete and one-sided.

This ruins the episode since it hurts the core of the episode. This is disappointing because Rarity is perhaps at her best here. She's relatable, funny, and doesn't get pushed into being so selfish she's annoying, while still being overdramatic and selfish.

Score: 7/10

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