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If bronydom became a real religion


Brony religion  

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Knowing that the "church" is based of "literal fiction" not exactly... Would I associate the show with acts of ritualism and symbolism that serve as philosophical/spiritual innuendos or double meanings for my own theocratic understanding and that of others, I joked the other day about calling FIM, "The cult of Twilight Sparkle", I wouldn't get down on my hands and knees and pray to Celestia, but I may associate the material and visual symbolism of MLP with these sociological/psychological sentiments I'm trying to convey at a "church of very close relevance" to the show....

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Sure, and we are currently trying to create one called Celestianism.

We want to use the aesthetic of the show and the philosophy and ethics found in it. The show is meant to teach values to the primary audience. Values are actually an important part of religions. The entire modern value system stems from Christianity. Many religions use myths and legends to convey value systems. With aesthetics I mean characters, locations etc. For example, God the Father is often portrayed as a friendly old man with a long beard but Christians don't actually believe he looks this way. This portrayal is actually from Zeus, and the Ancient Greeks also didn't literally believe there was a palace on Mount Olympus where Zeus was throwing lightning while Aphrodite was getting drunk with Bacchus. I mean most Pagan religions were ethnic so the gods were drawn like members of that ethnicity. People believed that gods of other Pagan groups were the same entities, just personified differently. This is called interpraetatio graeca.

But I do like the idea Equestria and the ponies are real...

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