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Call 'im Red (new pony OC)


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Meet Red. It's not his real name, but after what he's been through, it would be a bad idea to give away his identity.


As his cutie mark suggests (if you can see it well enough, I messed up the Fluer de Lis), he is French and his special talent is horology (the study of clocks and time).


Maybe I'll throw him in a role play or something but in the mean time, enjoy the doodle! :wacko:

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Oh... oh my.


What happened to his leg? :(


Amazing doodle. Poor Red, he has no leg :(


Thank you!


And hahaha, well... I can tell you that he lost it but I can't exactly tell you how, yet. Mostly because I have not yet perfected his background and I'm trying to decide which would be a more plausible story on how he lost it, but I can assure you it wasn't from battle. :)

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