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Being able to follow your favorite artists?

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I'm surprised no one else has responded to this. :o


I think this is a brilliant idea! It's so simple yet such a great little feature. Something like this I can't imagine being too complex anyways. A followed artist posts a new song; The user following is notified via E-Mail.


I think it's something that would be great to have implemented. ^_^

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This feature is absolutely going to happen before Pony.fm "graduates" to beta status. The ability to follow artists is a must.


The actual implementation is where things begin to get hazy, however. The simplest possible way to accomplish this, which may be suitable for a beta release, is to send notifications out exclusively via email.


If any kind of on-site notification system is involved, the sky's the limit. A notification system like the one here on MLP Forums would be relatively easy to put together, but something more advanced like Facebook's or deviantART's notification systems will be significantly more complex (but with the benefits of additional features like notification "stacking" or "grouping").


Any thoughts? I'm probably going to implement a simple email system for the beta, but a proper notification system will likely become a necessity at some point, so I'm open to ideas for what you all want to see from it.

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I'd personally like an onsite one. I've been trying to make habit of just having Pony.fm on my bookmark list, and if there was a follow option to where I could just get on the site, instantly go and see if any of the people I follow have new stuff or not, that'd be great. If the DA and Youtube and etc ways are too complex, maybe something like FurAffinity? I think it just makes a simple text list of updates as things happen.

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Perhaps there could be a function that would let you subscribe to the artists that you like, and the users could be instantly notified.




I'm happy to say that the "Follow User" feature made it in today! :D


As always, please start new topics to voice your feedback on it.

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