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My little pony werewolf game (CLOSED!)

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"Should some pony not examine the body for a clue?" Rarity asked. "Maybe it could give us a clearer idea of who could be the culperate!" "Although that could not be I, such an act is very unladylike

"Who put this mark on my head!?"

Rarity had just taken her night mask off from her eyes after hearing all the commotion.
"It's horrible...and goes with none of my outfits! I demand answers!"

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"wooh far out!, does it hurt? and also what does it mean?" says soarin as he slowly raises his hoof to poke at it.

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"Don't touch it!" Rarity shouted at Soarin "This is far from "far out" this is horrible! What if it's a permanent mark!"

*Calms down a little*

"At least it has some benefits." *Sighs*

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soarin stand with a inquisitive look on his face for a few seconds before moving on " is there any punch left im dying of thirst over here"

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You may now vote but it will be a little different. 

You are voting to eliminate either: 


1- TGAPBabsSeed-Trixie

2- AwesomelLemon- Applejack 


It's only this 2 because they have been inactive so that's why one of them has to leave.  


Vote via PM as always :)

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Twinkleshine shrugged. "I personally think that mark is a blessing of some kind. Anyway, Fluttershy, what did the wolf look like? It might bear a resemblence to a pony here."

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Twinkleshine shrugged. "I personally think that mark is a blessing of some kind. Anyway, Fluttershy, what did the wolf look like? It might bear a resemblence to a pony here."

Twinkleshine shrugged. "I personally think that mark is a blessing of some kind. Anyway, Fluttershy, what did the wolf look like? It might bear a resemblence to a pony here."

Fluttershy is in lock-in she may not vote nor roleplay.

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Twinkle looked around to realize Flutters wasn't there. "Anyway...i'm going to study up on that mark Rare has got. It has to mean something..." She said as she jolted into the house's library.

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"If it were a Pentagram I would be fine with it..."
Rarity freezes realizing what she had said.
"I mean...what?! You heard nothing!"

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I am sorry everyone but  I have been very busy lately :( 


I am almost done with the chapter :) 


It MAY be up tomorrow :) 


Any questions feel free to PM me :)

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I am very sorry but I have been very busy as some of you may know :( 


Every pony was so confused in the morning of what had just

happened hours before.

“I think this is just a dream that I will sooner or later
wake up from” Soarin said to Flamenist

“This is sadly no dream” Flamenist responded

Meanwhile in the other side of the room were Applejack and
Rarity talking about poor Fluttershy.

“She can’t talk right?” Rarity asked

“Nope she is just crying and crying” Applejack said 

“I just wish I can talk to her but she is in like a box”
Rarity said frowning.

Twinkleshine and Turner just had walked up to Rarity and

“Hey Rarity what’s wrong” Twinkleshine asked

“Fluttershy is stuck in the box!” “With no one to talk to!”
Rarity said angrily

“Rarity calm down, here drink some punch” Turner said in a
very calm voice

Twinkleshine asked “Yes” Rarity said smiling.

Meanwhile every other pony was looking at Rarity because of
her screaming. They all turned around and started talking to one other after
she cooled down.

“Fluttershy is stuck in a box!” Trixie said imitating Rarity

“Shut up Trixie” Rarity told her across the room and once
again everyone looked at Rarity.

“Why don’t you make me” Trixie said in a angry voice.

“Ponies stop it, we should be enjoying ourselves!” Applejack
said to Rarity and Trixie.

“Oh please Applejack go back to Sweet Apple Acres!”  Trixie said to Applejack but she realized too
late that that was too much.

Pinkie Pie opened the door and Applejack kicked Trixie from
behind and she flew all the way to Sweet Apple Acres.

“That should do it” Applejack said satisfied.

Vinyl and Octavia were smiling at Applejack for her
accomplishment but suddenly there was a knock heard on the door and Pinkie Pie
went to open it when she saw Radium.

“Um Hello are you Pinkie Pie?” Radium asked

“Well yes I am Pinkie Pie” Pinkie Pie responded

“I wish to join your party” Radium said shyly

“Well are you sure?” Pinkie Pie asked

“Yes I am sure” “I have heard that you throw the best
parties and well I couldn’t miss it!” Radium said smiling from ear to ear.

“Well then if you are sure you may join us but beware we
have a werewolf here” Pinkie Pie said to Radium cautiously

“Oh Pinkie Pie you are hilarious” Radium said laughing and
with that she entered the room. 


TGAP Babs Seed-  Trixie- 5 votes!

Awesomelemon-  Applejack- 2 votes! 




OK some twists are written but some can not be written. 


The replacement could be called a twist but it's not the official twist the replacement happened because I want active players. 


The Real Twist Explanation: 

You may have been wondering about the contract. 


The contract as you all know and signed says "I _____ solemnly promise not to leave the game orr insult the creator." 


That contract has happened because the following twist MIGHT be very the WORST twist yet! 


This twist is a double edge sword and this twist can backfire and that's exactly why the contract was made.  


The Real Twist: 

The twist is UNEXPECTED completely! 


The twist is that the roles will change! 


The game has turned upside down and it's time to play I will announce to each one of you individually to announce you role (citizen,physic,alchemist and werewolf)! 


Good luck every pony!




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Not unexpected at all. In fact, one would say it is quite necessary that this twist happen. Otherwise, it'd be too obvious that the replacement characters are inno's.

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Cool! Are you going to send us a personal message? Or did you already? *goes to check messages*

I am sending them as the players get online :)

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I am sorry for the lateness  :(


I am having a HUGE test on Tuesday! 


I have to start the chapter :)


It will be up probably next week :)

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Right now: 



As Radium walked in, everypony was looking at her. 

The first ponies to speak to her were Applejack, Rarity and Octavia.

“Hi how are you? “The ponies told her in a chorus.

‘’Hello I am doing fine” responded Radium grinning.

Meanwhile Fluttershy was talking to Vinyl about Soarin’ and “Vinyl talking about Twinkleshine.

”Soarin is a very big threat I have suspicion he can be the werewolf” Fluttershy was saying.

“Nah I think Twinkleshine is the werewolf because she is so innocent and you know what they say, Innocent people are the worst!” Vinyl was smirking while saying this.

Flamenist is talking about who the physic can be to Turner.

“The physic has to be someone who is loud and can easily manipulate someone, I think it’s Applejack” 

Oddly enough Applejack was to Radium to be very careful around Flamenist because he can be the physic. 

In a blink of an eye everything went dark and they hear a scream.

Applejack had been killed and her blood was spreading everywhere.

“AHHHH!!!” Everypony was screaming until finally Rarity shouted “EVERYPONY PLEASE CALM DOWN!”

Everything was calm and in a few minutes Big Mac said “it’s been a long day I am hitting the sack”

Suddenly everypony went to sleep.

It was midnight and it was pouring suddenly you hear thunder and everypony was twisting and turning in their sleep.

Flashes of light were lighting the room and suddenly it all became dark again.   

Twinkleshine had a red alchemy circle around her head and nobody but Turner seemed to notice.

Turner just went back to sleep like nothing had happened. 

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Twinkleshine was staying up all night reading a book about werewolves. 


"Hmm. Werewolves only appear on a full moon...but on the previous nights, there was no full moon." Twinkleshine observed. "So...we are not facing a werewolf. I think we're facing a Lycan, basiclly a werewolf that can change into one whenever it wants to. But...judging on how it got a guilty look when somepony chased it away, it didn't want to be a werewolf or kill anypony."


Twinkle jotted down that information in her notebook, but she gazed at a mirror beforehoof. She noticed an odd symbol on her head.


"So, somepony  blessed me....or cursed me...why?" Twinkle muttered before groaning. "Too many mysteries."


"I shall deduce something is wrong with the werewolf. Maybe I should tell the others." She told herself with a yawn. "...Actually, i'll do that later..."


"What is in store for Equestria now that one of the Elements of Harmony is gone?" Twinkle asked. "Perhaps it's a changeling. Or the Nightmare. Or Sombra. OH, I HAVE NO IDEA!"


"I'll figure it out in the morning." She told the wind as she attempted to drift off to sleep.

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I currently have messaged everyone if they want to continue playing or not. 


Right now this is how everyone has responded.




1. Rarity- Lady Erin - Said no

2. Fluttershy- DJ- Shy3- Said yes

3. Soarin- Lucid Sketch- Hasn't read the message

4. Radium- Lighting Strike- Read the message but didn't respond

5. Octavia- MrXweet- Said yes

6. Turner- Antismurf9001- Said yes

7. Vinyl- Beatrix Bow- Hasn't read the message

8. Flamenist- Rfaliuntbtoewrdsahsyh- Hasn't read the message

9. Big Mac- UGXWolf- Hasn't read the message

10. Twinkleshine- Neutral Shif- Said yes



Yes- 4/10

Hasn't read message-  4/10

Read the mesage but didn't respond- 1/10

No- 1/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

Maybe we should completely start over?

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