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Hello everybrony!

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Dia duit!

Gabhar here,Gabhar Steinbock!If you know some bit of old videogames,you and i are going to get along just fine...Since i'm completely clueless about anything earlier than the wii!

I'm very eager to learn all about the NES and the playstation!And i'm just hectic about Pony.fm,so i tough i'd just join along for the ride!

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Well, you don't seem to have gotten a warm welcome yet. That's not very grand, is it? Allow me to be the first. *Ahem*


HELLO, and welcome the the My Little Pony Forums! I'm sure you'll get along just fine with everypony here, we have the kindest ponies in all of Equestria! I hope to see you around the forums, please stay awhile!


*Ahem* Oh, dear, you don't seem to have gotten a brohoof yet, have you? Please, allow me. *Ahem*




*Ahem* Yes, there you are, my good sir. Enjoy your time on the forums. ;)

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