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It's funny, most of the time when people write poetry, the times that they are are depressed is when they can be at thier peak. Sometimes that is the case for me, but most of the time it is not. I used to write poetry, but for about 4 months I had a bad writers block and kind of lost some ambition towards this beautiful art, but as of recently my block has been removed. I havn't been depressed as of late, and have been looking forward. Its been a while so I will just say this is a rough draft, and will probably have some tweaking and touch ups done to it down the road. Shiiiit I don;t even have a title for it. But, here it be! And please if you can point out any mistakes, I would love to correct them, or swapping words too. You must learn from criticism.




Oh what dreams we make.

Such a beautiful mind we humans can posses.

Flowing through time and vast wonders, we wish it could never end.

An immortal life, oh what a prize that could be!

But in reality our lives are short lived, so someone else’s dream can happen again.

Pass on the knowledge. Form ideas and perspectives unknown to us.

Bring about human consciousness from beauty, to sadness, to lust.

So many before us thought they knew the answers, but it was folly.

The science before us can now uncover our reality.

If our dreams are to live, pass it on before we give in.

Before we give in to fear, from those who stagger, and halt out efforts to persevere.

Oh what dreams we make.

Oh what dreams we could have.

Oh dreams they are our future.

Don’t give in to the invisible hand.

There is a here and now, to reflect on the past.

Our future lies ahead. It is open. It is vast.

Our dreams cannot escape us, if we live for today.

Bring about human consciousness to pave the way.

Once you have spent your time, living, dreaming, and discovering your worth.

You can lay still and become one with mother earth.

Only remember by what you could accomplish, and your loved ones who will grieve.

Bring about human consciousness.

This is all we really need.

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