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okay here is some well if i can call it so "art" from me its kinda the first time i draw Ponies i was just drawing them out of my mind and added some human sides i actually draw them for a youtube project im working on still need 2 voice actors for it BTW but thats a bit off topic. have fun laughing at my "art" XD







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Not bad for first time,myself i cant even draw a stickman correctly. Only problem that i have is that Raritys mane is in the wrong color,it should be purple.

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there are a few detail mistakes that i would like to correct but after coloring... well thats kinda not working XD the wings are kinda too "sharp" Pinkies hips could be more up the color from Raritys mane like you said and twilights face could be a bit more slim

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Very good for first drawings! I see you've got a style going there. I agree that there's a few detail mistakes but I can still see you put a lot of time into them. Great work!

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You've obviously put alot of work into these, and clearly it's paid off. 

As it's been said though there are a few minor detail mistakes, but as it's your first time they can be looked past. 


I will say though in all honesty, while there are better drawings out there that have been drawn by hand - if this is your first time drawing ponies and you've chosen to draw them in this position...then you are very clearly going places in the future with this. Well done :) 

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Well, there is no real way to say if art is good. That is up to the artist and viewers to decide. The only way to decide if it is good or bad is if you art trying to keep a certain look with it. I have seen some pretty surealistic pony art and I thought it looked great. Wacky proprtioins and what not.


I think your pics look nice. They definetally look good for a first time. :D

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