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My Personal Reaction To Derpy Talking

Soapy Suds

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I seriously flipped out when Rainbow Dash said Derpy.

You know that section of the map labeled "NORTH AMERICA"? The whole left half turned into a black void of nothingness. Google Maps will update shortly.

When Derpy talked, the other half was swallowed by 'the nothing' (heheh, name that movie.)

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When Dash said "Derpy" I was like "DID I JUST HEAR RIGHT?" and then there she was! Actually interacting, and having influence to her surroundings! Then SHE SPOKE and I shat bricks, vomited rainbows, cried unicorns and melted into a puddle of a giant bucking SMILE.

I am still all super happy about it.

I so hope Derpy gets more lines and screen time, I need more Derpy lines now! The addiction has been forged!

Now excuse me while I resume my week long freakout over this!

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