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Gaming I think someone is trying to hack my steam account

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Earlier today I received an email about allowing access to my account from another computer (it does this when you try to log into your steam account on a web browser or computer you have not done so with before). 

I had not attempted to access my account from another pc or web browser, and I received the email at a time when I was working around my property.


At first I assumed it was my sister (we paid half each to buy Skyrim for PC, and I installed it first to discover you can only install it on one PC xD and so I let her access my account to play it)

But then I realised, hey, this email thing wouldn't be necessary because she has accessed it from that PC a large amount of times.

Which made me think someone was trying to hack my account.


I started the process of making a new password, to remember that other people cannot access my account from another PC unless they have access to my email address too, and so I only need to make sure they don't get my email address, and that resetting my steam password wouldn't really make much difference.


Just before (about half an hour ago), Steam asks me to verify my email address, that the one I had currently set was still the one I use, and so of course I verified it.


And that is what has happened to this minute, and all I can think is; Is somepony really trying to hack my account? Or is steam just making an error?


What do you people think?


Any precautions I should make?

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Hmmm, that does sound rather suspicious.  I would take any precautions that are able to be made on steam's account security steps.  And if you happen to know linux; track their IP address :P But seriously, just make sure you don't varify their computer and possibly change your email to a different one or your password?

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I'd change your password. Especially if it has been the same for about a year or so as their databases were breached last year and apparently the notification they pushed through steam didn't reach those who turned off the "update news" popups. If you're running windows, I'd scan for malware as well.

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Steam never lies, i've been hacked over 3 times in steam, when you receive a message of someone trying to log into your account, change the password both of your e-mail and account, this is critical.

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If you got a random email from "steam" saying "Hey, uh, we need you to, like, verify your email address again, or whatever." unprompted and thought it was legit, then whoever tried to get into your Steam account is probably already working on your email account too. Change the password to your Steam at least, and ideally change the one for your email too, and change the email address associated with your Steam account. That should cut off all ways the responsible party has for getting even the slightest hold on your account.


Also, make sure any service which has access to your money doesn't share a password with ANYTHING ELSE, and never access it through public Wi-Fi. People who know how can get ANYTHING that goes through public wifi, and if it looks like a username&password then they'll plug that combo into anything they can find.

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Thanks for the tips guys, I think I will change my passwords. I also have a spare email account I could link my steam account to, but I'll keep that as a backup in case this happens again.




I'd change your password. Especially if it has been the same for about a year or so.

It won't be for this thing about the steam security last year, as I changed my password to the current one just before christmas.



Just after posting this I started looking at my email security stuff, to find it has a function that only allows you to access my email from another PC if they get a code that is sent to my phone, which means anyone who tries to hack my email account will only be able to get into it if they steal my phone  :ph34r:

but I doubt the possible hacker even lives in New Zealand  :lol:


Anyways, Thanks  ;)

Dang it, I need to verify the phone address is correct so it sent a code to my phone...

Well, you'd think that'd be no problem for me. But see, my phone has no power at the moment (once again you'd think it'd be no problem) but my phone doesn't seem to be charging when I plug it in...

Normally it comes up with a nice little logo of LG and a little charge bar when I plug it in, but I cannot see any activity...

Of all times it does this, why now??  :(

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