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Pinkie Close up

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So this is my first time drawing Pinkie. Her face is easy, so I started  with that. It's in crayon, sorry.


Please tell me what I did right+wrong!img-1086856-1-attachicon.gifPinkie fun.jpg

Well, first off, the picture is sideways. Don't know how you're going to fix that. :P


I don't see any problem with fact that it's in crayon. I'm no fantastic artist myself, so who am I to judge? Outside of the here and there you coloured over the line, it's truly spectacular for a first attempt. I can never get the eyes, but yours are almost perfect. Bravo, friend. Bravo.

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Considering it's crayon, the lines and general shapes look fine to me. I'm terrible with art and couldn't begin to describe the how to you, but techniques for coloring would be a useful read if you want to run it through a search engine. I think there are even crayon coloring techniques that look nice if they're what you like or you don't have anything else on hand.

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I love the fact that you drew best pony, but Pinkie's eyelashes in your drawing look too much like blades. They should just be thin lines. I also think the mouth should be a complete grin rather than that raised lower lip. Other than that, the double shine in the eyes are bang-on, and the nose is accurate.


Not bad at all. Have a slice of cake.


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