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[SFM & GameGrumps] Jon's First Rap Single


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The video doesn't show up in your post for me,I don't know if it's cuz I'm on iPad or what but, if you could send a link instead that would be denoutaden!




Here you are! for some reason, iOS devices won't display videos on the current page whether it's YouTube or not. But anyway, It's up there in tinyurlformat! filler

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Your captions were excellent, but it's hard to determine the emotions of the characters. I have no idea how animating with 3D works, but when I want to covey emotions with 2D cartoons, I just let the character speak with it's eyes more then it's body, after I feel like the emotion has been conveyed thoroughly enough then I animate the body doing something in conjunction with it. I still think it was really good, it's just the models were a little stiff and your watermark is a little big.

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