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Planning Crying in the first shade of the rain

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A happy little town in equestia ( ponyville) fillies smiled and cheered, there for it was the rose queen festiavile every one was cheering. the pony on the rose float stood there waving. it was crayon blitz ( OOC: there will be different rose queens) every pony cheered the dress was hoove made from rarity, she was beside crayon blitz on the float, for once raritys dress was plain but unqiue. the other ponys twilight, rainbow dash, futtershy, pinkie pie, and apple jack. all in their floats that showed what they loved the most. a pony in the hood in the back sneered at the rose queens. they were all singing the rose queen song. but of corse vinyl scratch turned the beat up.at the end the ponys on the float were pooped out  ;)  :lol:   ^_^  <_<  :huh:  :D and of course happy! in there dressing room they stood and talked and talked and laugh and joked and RD did some of her tricks crayon blitz stood there alone she refused to hang with the mane 6 she was drawing a picture, untill the lights blacked out * click*

( BTW you can draw a pic)


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