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planning WonderBolts Academy training. (Places avalible!)


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Hello everypony.

Characters canon:




(If you want more cannon post them below)



Saffy: Me (Oc)






You are a pony (yours) and you have just met the wonderbolts. And you signed up to the academy through a series of stragetic tests. Now you are finnaly there what periliouse adventures will unfold in the wonderbolt Academy???


You are (Soarin,Spitfire) You invite some excited fans to train for the wonderbolt academy. But your in charge of keeping them in control. What will be your limits? Or will you quit?


You are (Rainbow Dash) Ever since you were a filly you dreamed of joining the wonderbolts. And now is your chance!! You go on many adventures with the other ponys and your bwff (Best wonderbolt freind foreva) Saffy. What will you do when you wreck havoc. Will YOU become a wonderbolt?

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