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First Time Pony Sketch


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So I think I have finally built up enough courage to post this on here. I got bored one night and decided to draw my first pony sketch. This pony isn't anyone in particular, just my first attempt drawing a pony XD. Here he is. I know a few things are a little out of proportion but this is the first time i've actually drawn anything in several years. Any critiquing or helpful advice is appreciated.


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Well for a first that is really good! Good sense of overall proportions and it's an OC so that's always good to see.  

As for critique:

I would just say the muzzle and hind leg need a little work, but other than that it's very nice.

PS, maybe add eye shimmers?

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I'd say to place the eyes a bit better, more far apart, and the left one should be squished a bit more. The muzzle looks a bit too far down, and the hind legs look a bit too out.


Nothing really major though. Good work for a first time especially!

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