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Voice actors and the like...

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Hello there. My names Mucha Nacho and I am what most would consider 'new around here.' Well I'm also an animator and a writer but I really don't have much of any to show for it so I guess that makes me an amateur :(


BUT THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE!!(maybe)!! See, I really want to contribute to the communittee comunitee bronies and pegasisters around me so I thought, do an animation that doesn't look like paper cutouts, make it awesome and involve the comnvnism!!(you get the idea)!


:unsure: <-(you)- "But wait Muchita Tacos guy, there's only a couple of people that can do mane 6 impersonations, and only a handful are actually believable!"


Well worry you not! See, the animation story that I'm writing is actually completely original! Yes, I know, original stories can have a hard time taking to some people's liking, especially OC's, but I promise it is in the MLP universe (i.e.-same terminology [yes it's still PG rated], buildings, structures, character builds etc.) with a handful of new elements which aren't  COMPLETELY unheard of in original animations. (Ever heard of a bass cannon?)


:unsure: -"But Chiquita Banana, though I read title and I've now know of what your are doing, how can I participate/know more about the project/be sure it's not just a thing no one will ever see?"


Well, you can contact me about it on this site (not sure how, if you remember the first line or so, I'm still new here), e-mail at kr0me74@live(.com) [the 'o' in kr0me is a zero]


If you DO contact me I'll let you know more as things develop but story-wise I'd prefer to keep that 'til I'm either (a) done with it  or (b ) asked about it. Unfortunately it's non-commission  :(. As I've mentioned before, I am still just an amateur in these field I do so boldly tread but I promise you at least get your name known. Which brings me to my next point.


Since we bronies are so interconnected (hence this terrific site) getting word of a new animation out there is to much of challenge. Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, Rainbow Dash network and even this site right here (if they are so willing) are great places to get a name out there!


:unsure: -"But would I qualif-"


DON'T FINISH THAT STATEMENT, WE ALL QUALIFY IN EVERYTHING! (whatever that means...) If you've stuck to reading this post this long, that all the qualifications I need. These are OC's so they don't have a voice yet anyways! I don't care if you haven't even voiced in your own...whatever you would want to put your voice in. I do have a skype but I'd prefer you'd sent a .wav or a link to somewhere I can hear voice to me and a quality mic would be great but if not, do it anyways.


I can't guarantee anything but how can I say no to that face! Plus, I'd love to meet some new people  :lol:!


K, byyyyyyeeeeeeeee

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