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You're suddenly logged in as the user above you, what do?

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You refresh the page, and suddenly, you're logged in as the person above you! What do you do? Hopefully no one too powerful posts in here...

Since there's no one above me, I would do nothing!

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Change my username to ~Chaotic Disloyalty~.   ...Or your username, rather...

Change user to ~Chaotic Firebolt~

I'd probably be too hypnotized by your avatar to do much of anything honestly.

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Spam Urdnot Pinkie Pie saying:





Oh wait, I already do that, nevermind~

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edit: can still apply to you even though id add in: "Flutters is best pony and pinkeh sucks"

Edited by Lightning Fluttershy
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Dashie out your entire account. I can't say I wouldn't enjoy the opportunity


Chigens would HATE that :L


Replace all "Dashie" and "Rainbow" and "Dash" with Applejack ;)


Ninja'd :@


I'm a moderator again :P

Edited by ~Chaotic Clarity~
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Change Username to Kentucky Fried Pony and start trolling the mods and rack up those warning points, but not enough to get banned...

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